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Want to improve your skiing? Never skied before? Maybe you just need some pointers that gets you to the next step. Our Adult Midweek Group Lessons, and Women Ski Wednesdays groups are now forming. Come learn with us at an uncrowded times on the slopes. visit our website for more details! Don't miss out on a winter of fun with us here at the Skiway!

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Our Snowsports programs are filling up fast!!!!! Don't miss out on a winter of fun. Sign up today for our Gateway Program, Midweek Kinderski (4-6yrs)/Playski(3 yrs)/Womens Ski Wednesdays(women 18+) /Adult group(18+)/Grad program(grad students). We are hoping to start back up making snow this weekend as the temperatures permit. https://www.isalessite.com/dartmouth/Catalog/Default

Dartmouth Skiway 25-11-2016 à 17:40:52

We have been making snow, and anticipate a return to that activiety early next week! All is snow-white here today, but the forecast is for a slight warming trend for the next few days.

Dartmouth Skiway 24-11-2016 à 21:01:36

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the skiway! We are thankful for all the snow we are going to get this upcoming season! ❄️

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We have our first top-to-bottom snow cover for the season! Hoping for snow and cold!

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Snow!!!!! ❄️❄️❄️❄️

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Looking for your child to have some fun this winter like these kiddos? Our snowsports programs are now forming. Looking for something during the week for your 4-6 year old to do? How about our kinderski program? Have a 3 year old you want to get involved in skiing? Sign them up for our midweek Playski program. Does your child already ski from the top of Winslow Mountain unassisted? Then our weekend Gateway program will help provide them with the skills they need to improve their skiing. Don't forget about our midweek Adult and women's groups too. Click the following link to learn more! https://www.isalessite.com/dartmouth/Catalog/Default

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This rainy weather got you down? Thinking about those fresh first tracks you had in past seasons? Well winter will be here before you know it. Don't miss out on the fun this winter at the Skiway, purchase your 16/17 Season Pass or Group Program today! https://www.isalessite.com/dartmouth/Catalog/Default

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King Pine joins the Freedom Ski Pass! 7 areas of unlimited fun all season just a $50 addition to your home area pass http://t.co/3SHP5Xlemb

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I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/t15N1Pxd20 Chris Janson - "Buy Me A Boat" (Official Video)

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Looking for a great fun winter job? Email us skiway.dartmouth@dartmouth.edu or call us 603-795-2143 in inquire. EOE http://t.co/Vsggh2xjYR

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Did you know that your season pass saves money after 10 days or less! passes are on sale now http://t.co/FKwhbkDUPn http://t.co/FKwhbkDUPn

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@DSkiPatrol check out the posting on http://t.co/o15E7eXvC6 for the exciting changes related to the 2015-16 season!

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RT @DSkiPatrol: When is Worden's gonna be open? http://t.co/WSjDdSbmnw

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Buy your Season Passes now @dartmouthskiway.com. Check out Facebook for an important message to all our passholders. http://t.co/o15E7eXvC6

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Season Passes Now on Sale - It is an exciting time at Dartmouth Skiway as the summer heat bears down on us... http://t.co/C5bTowRnyM

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Looking for something to do on a nice day like today? check out our friends @VisitNH or @Hanover_Chamber for great ideas & weekend events

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We would like to wish everyone a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, be safe, have fun and thank a Vet! #American #skinh http://t.co/hkMfw5rVGd

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Looking for some family fun this summer, check out the Dartmouth Yacht Club http://t.co/G9EELdmkQS #Sail @ussailing http://t.co/G9EELdmkQS

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@madriverfish Thanks for the follow, get out with Bill on the boat this summer!

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