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Cochran 23-11-2016 à 01:56:59

Thank you to the New England Ski Museum to honor the Cochran Family with the Spirit of Skiing Award.

Cochran 26-08-2016 à 00:57:45

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Cochran 28-03-2016 à 22:18:52

Still looks like a race course to me! (bring your hiking shoes) (3/28/2016)

Cochran 19-03-2016 à 03:39:39

Thanks everyone! The Rope A Thon without a rope, after the winter that wasn't, was a great success. We had lots of fun and the participants raised over $20k to help our little ski area make it to next year. We're closed for the season unless it snows, but if you want to hike or skin up the hill have at it! There will still be a skiable route from the top of I-89 for a while yet. We might even have the TGFS race one way or another, so stay tuned.

Cochran 17-03-2016 à 12:43:48

Thank you to all the donors who have already sponsored a participant in this Friday's Rope A Thon! Will you participate in this important fundraiser?

Cochran 12-03-2016 à 18:00:00

Cochran 11-03-2016 à 13:40:05

The final Friday Night Lights is Tonight! Breakfast for Dinner put on by the Cochran's Ski Club. Come out at noon with a shovel and a sled with a rope handle to help fill in the T-Bar tow path. It'll be good practice for the 18th when we'll do the same for the Rope A Thon!

Cochran 06-03-2016 à 21:34:34

Spring weather is in the forecast this week. That's not all bad news though! We're expecting a visit from a certain local moose and the Easter Bunny on Saturday March 12th. Easter egg race at 11am. Wear your Easter bonnets or bunny costumes and join in the fun!

Cochran 05-03-2016 à 16:39:48

Getting excited for this event! We'll make it happen one way or another.

Cochran 20-02-2013 à 01:32:04

RT @TBarFilms: Retweet: Skier Favorite: Boarder #ChooseYourWeapon

Cochran 01-03-2012 à 21:26:21

@Julbo_USA Its gunna' be a blast, come on over and Shred with Glen Plake

Cochran 01-03-2012 à 21:25:31

RT @Julbo_USA: Come ski with Glen Plake at Cochran's Ski Area this Friday, March 2 from Noon to 5pm! #VT