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Cascade Mountain 26-11-2016 à 23:14:02

Check it out, we have chairs moving on the Cindy Pop Express today!

Cascade Mountain 25-11-2016 à 14:57:49

Cascade Mountain's Black Friday Sale starts now!

Cascade Mountain 22-11-2016 à 15:22:15

Cascade Mountain 20-11-2016 à 17:35:22

Happy Sunday everyone. Check out our brand new live streaming Snow Cam to see what we're up to today!

Cascade Mountain 19-11-2016 à 18:22:51

Cascade Mountain's Black Friday Sale will be from 8am to 1pm. We will have skis, snowboards and goggles up to 50% off, and at least 20% off everything in the shop!

Cascade Mountain 16-11-2016 à 20:24:16

That's chair number 1, ready to go up the Cindy Pop Express.

Cascade Mountain 09-11-2016 à 17:20:27

Here is the lift cable being installed on the Cindy Pop Express yesterday. The B-Dub cable is being installed today.

Cascade Mountain 24-10-2016 à 17:34:26

It's a beautiful fall day. Here's the bottom Cindy Pop Express terminal near completion.

Cascade Mountain 17-10-2016 à 22:12:07

Don't forget, Cascade Mountain's Job Fair starts tomorrow at 2PM. Come talk to us about joining our awesome team!

Cascade Mountain 13-10-2016 à 22:58:46

Today we're happy to have some dry weather to start installing the B-Dub lift - with Leitner-Poma of America

Cascade Mountain 31-05-2016 à 17:12:58

New Twitter handle for us @cascademountain

Cascade Mountain 23-05-2016 à 22:36:26

Who else is excited to ski and ride these new trails this year?

Cascade Mountain 20-05-2016 à 17:00:02

You can just barely see the top of the Cindy Pop lift in the background of this picture- as it stands currently....

Cascade Mountain 19-05-2016 à 22:30:28

Here's a couple pictures of the tentatively titled Run 14, with the City of Portage in the background. This will...

Cascade Mountain 18-05-2016 à 21:45:40

We're making room for the new Cindy Pop Express!

Cascade Mountain 13-05-2016 à 21:31:48

You'll be skiing and riding on new trails and new lifts this year!

Cascade Mountain 13-05-2016 à 17:47:18

I see there are no more chairs or a cable on the Cindy Pop lift. Lots of work going on over there, including tree...

Cascade Mountain 12-03-2016 à 19:12:42

Cascade is closing for the season today- Saturday. You have until 5pm today to enjoy the slopes at Cascade! 30 of...

Cascade Mountain 09-03-2016 à 22:44:43

Cascade announcement: updated hours for this week. Thursday & Friday: closed Saturday: 9am to 5pm Sunday: 9am to...

Cascade Mountain 08-03-2016 à 21:55:14

Now through the rest of the season, everything in the shop is 25% off!

Cascade Mountain 07-03-2016 à 16:57:39

Still have that itch to get out in the nice March weather? Cascade still has 100% trails open today. Come out and...

Cascade Mountain 05-03-2016 à 22:10:02

With the warm weather forecast we are reducing our hours for the upcoming week to conserve snow coverage. Hours...

Cascade Mountain 05-03-2016 à 18:16:38

Rail comp starts at 1!

Cascade Mountain 04-03-2016 à 23:13:40

MWO / Cascade Carnival tomorrow!

Cascade Mountain 02-03-2016 à 16:47:43

It's a great morning to be here.