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CS Irwin 23-12-2016 à 19:17:29

Thanks to all who participated in this year's Local Teens' Intro to Backcountry Course!! 19 kids registered this year - WOW! This course was made possible through a partnership between Irwin Guides, the Crested Butte Snowsports Foundation & The Choice Pass. Please tag people for us!

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CS Irwin 14-12-2016 à 18:12:09

ATTN: DISCOUNTED CAT SEATS!!!!!! A big storm looks to be heading our way (use the link below to view the forecast) and we're preparing to run snowcats this Sat & Sun, Dec 17 & 18!! We have 10 seats open each day and are selling them at a discounted rate of $400/each (reg $650). Contact our office, 970-349-5430, to reserve your spot today! Full payment will be taken at the time of reservation. First come, first serve. https://opensnow.com/location/irwin #CATSKIING #IRWINCOLORADO

CS Irwin 13-12-2016 à 22:45:59

This season we are excited to introduce Venture solids & splits into our snowboard fleet. Learn more about the Venture product in the video below. If you are in the market for a new snowboard email Irwin Guides for a special promo code. #weareventure

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CS Irwin 12-12-2016 à 20:04:11

We just wrapped up our first Level 1 Avalanche Course of the season. The snow is filling in nicely. Looks like winter is here! #AIARE #travelsafely #earnyourturns #knowbeforeyougo #avalancheeducaiton

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CS Irwin 01-12-2016 à 19:36:30

AMGA, IFMGA, RCG what does it mean? Use the link below to read our latest blog by Chris Pruden. Chris breaks down the certifications and courses that are popular in the guiding industry and what that means for you as a client. http://www.irwinguides.com/articles/why-we-are-proud-to-be-an-amga-accredited-business

CS Irwin 15-08-2011 à 01:43:43

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