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CMH Bobbie-Burns Il ya une heure

It's on in the Bobbie Burns! Today in the Crystalline with the Hammer.

CMH Bobbie-Burns 28-11-2016 à 22:12:07

This is Chad, a new guide here at the Bobbie Burns testing out the snow at guides training.

CMH Bobbie-Burns 23-10-2016 à 17:50:38

Got snow? The Bobbie Burns does! The view from our remote weather station in the Crystalline Valley this morning....

CMH Bobbie-Burns 26-09-2016 à 19:24:12

Another early morning in the Bobbie Burns watching the coming of winter...

CMH Bobbie-Burns 17-09-2016 à 06:43:43

Last trip up the Conrad Adventure for 2016! Laurence cooling off on another stunning fall day in the Bobbie Burns.

CMH Bobbie-Burns 14-09-2016 à 04:47:03

As summer winds to a close our thoughts slowly turn to winter... Lindsay leading the way down Magnum Force.

CMH Bobbie-Burns 03-09-2016 à 01:47:18

A magical place in the Bobbie Burns. This is top of Iceberg Falls with Heinz checking it out.

CMH Bobbie-Burns 30-08-2016 à 06:19:48

Contemplating their next big adventure in the Bobbie Burns while overlooking the Conrad Icefield.

CMH Bobbie-Burns 20-08-2016 à 18:49:54

Name that guide? It is 1978 in the Bobbie Burns and his young Canadian guide is sporting the latest in CMH guide fashion.

CMH Bobbie-Burns 17-08-2016 à 02:48:28

Conrad Adventure with Mike G, looking for his next camera placement. #bobbieburns #cmhheli #explorebc #kootenayrockies