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Wiegele Hace 12 horas

RT @Heliski_Canada: Dreaming of our trip at @MikeWiegeleHeli #heliskiing #heliski #heliboarding

Wiegele Hace 13 horas

The "pickup". Senior Lead Guides Erich & Barry skiing with the Calypso group who are celebrating their 29th year at Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing.

Wiegele Ayer a las 22:46:39

#Winter2016 is here in #BlueRiver & the #Powder is fantastic! @Lukelaurin photo #skiBC #heliskiing… https://t.co/nUJA51osur

Wiegele Ayer a las 22:43:36

RT @PaddleSurfit1: An amazing week of guides training at @mikewiegeleheli photo Luke Lauren Certain Images @ Mike… https://t.co/kscJJikHip

Wiegele Ayer a las 21:01:00

Yesterday was about skiing the best of both worlds; Alpine & Trees.

Wiegele Ayer a las 18:47:09

#WeAreSkiing EPIC #PowderShot from our opening weekend! Photo by @Lukelaurin #WiegelePowder #HeliSkiing… https://t.co/F9RfcN0kjA

Wiegele 04-12-2016 a las 17:13:07

Yesterday marked the opening of our 47th season and Senior Lead Guide Erich Schadinger had the honour to guide and photograph one of our favourite, longtime group of guests - The Calypso Group.

Wiegele 03-12-2016 a las 17:11:28

Welcome to Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing's 47th heli-skiing season. Have a safe and epic season everyone! We look forward to seeing you in Blue River, BC. As Mike says, "Let's Go Skiing!" #weareskiing

Wiegele 03-12-2016 a las 00:56:14

Opening day is tomorrow, Dec 3, at 10am! #Winter2016 is here & our #Powder is fantastic!!! https://t.co/5NYU8F5YMa

Wiegele 02-12-2016 a las 21:30:06

We have excellent conditions for tomorrow's opening. Here are a few shots from yesterday and more shots from the week in our Weekly Web Gallery; http://www.wiegele.com/heliski-weekly-photo-gallery.htm .

Wiegele 02-12-2016 a las 16:30:55

Check out some footage from yesterday - the guides having some fun on Cariboo Hideout during MWHS Guides Training - in the Cariboo Mountains. https://youtu.be/zRDimR7gkNg

Wiegele 01-12-2016 a las 16:27:08

Thankfully Senior Lead Guide Erich Schadinger took his camera into the mountains yesterday so we could see it how GOOD it really is. Deep, deep, deep! 2 more days to opening!

Wiegele 30-11-2016 a las 22:39:34

MWHS Guides Training update - the guides are back in the mountains today and look like they are having a blast! #weareskiing

Wiegele 30-11-2016 a las 18:12:18

Lead Guide Scott Streadwick ripping it up during MWHS Guides Training. #weareskiing Getting ready for December 3rd opening!

Wiegele 30-11-2016 a las 02:27:51

#Legendary #MikeWiegele carves the 1st #WieglePowder ski tracks today! Bring on #winter2016!!! https://t.co/mrSJtiKjeV

Wiegele 30-11-2016 a las 00:20:58

MWHS Guides Training gets out in the mountains today and first tracks goes to none other than the highly respected Mike Wiegele of course!

Wiegele 28-11-2016 a las 18:47:01

Our #2016SkiSeason opens Dec 3 & our #heliskiing guides are already having FUN!!! https://t.co/saxOoCWtYq via @YouTube

Wiegele 25-11-2016 a las 01:24:06

Bring on #Winter2016!!! Yesterday our #Heliskiing guides were in the mountains testing the #Powder & it's FANTASTIC! https://t.co/mCjjk634g2

Wiegele 18-11-2016 a las 03:29:57

RT @NSAupdates: Habs tickets sold at "BUY NOW" price! Don't miss out...get a @MikeWiegeleHeli trip @ $10k today and support NSA charity nc…

Wiegele 17-11-2016 a las 01:58:24

WIN a #heliskiing trip with us! Stop by @TrueOutdoors_Ka in #Kamloops tomorrow and talk #Powder with @mcleanheliski https://t.co/EIpDkQoU17

Wiegele 16-11-2016 a las 04:41:36

RT @NSAupdates: Obviously getting warmed up for the @MikeWiegeleHeli National Ski Academy 30th Anniversary SnowBall @mcleanheliski. See U @…

Wiegele 14-11-2016 a las 23:53:21

Let's talk #Powder Orange County! #HeliSkiing @mcleanheliski is at #thenorthface store TODAY in @southcoastplaza https://t.co/djgB4UMzEX

Wiegele 13-11-2016 a las 21:26:44

RT @NSAupdates: Live Auction Teaser @MikeWiegeleHeli National Ski Academy 30th Anniversary Snowball #heli #elton #golf #hockey #redresort #…

Wiegele 13-11-2016 a las 21:26:23

RT @NSAupdates: Down to the wire! Get your tix now at https://t.co/GhhQ57RfO9 #fashionshow #cocktails #dinner #celebration Sponsored by @Mi…

Wiegele 13-11-2016 a las 18:34:46

We're in #BeverlyHills! Stop by & talk #heliskiing #powder with @mcleanheliski at #thenorthface store @thenorthface https://t.co/tJCgwWBet6