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Valgrisenche 01-07-2015 a las 00:04:56

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Valgrisenche 05-02-2015 a las 12:03:39

Imagesport » Vallee d’Aosta vue de Saint Nicolas
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Valgrisenche 25-01-2015 a las 10:08:23

In spite of the strong wind at the beginning of the valley, we are able to fly direction Giasson where the snow conditions are still perfect! We repeat it: Valgrisenche is a lucky valley :)

Malgré le vent fort au commencement de la vallée on réussi à voler coté Giasson où la neige est encore parfaite! On le repète: on a de la chance ici à Valgrisenche :)

Valgrisenche 24-01-2015 a las 15:34:47

Today on Chateau Blanc, this is the proof ;)

Valgrisenche 24-01-2015 a las 14:20:27

A great day of Heliski here in Valgrisenche! We skied on Rutor, Chateau Blanc and Giasson, the conditions are the same as yesterday: good weather, no wind, pleasure of skiing on light powder!

Une superbe journée de Heliski à Valgrisenche! On a skié sur Rutor, Chateau Blanc et Giasson, les conditions sont les mêmes que hier: beau temps, neige pas touchée du vent, donc du très bon ski dans la poudreuse légère!

Valgrisenche 23-01-2015 a las 17:17:02

January 23rd, Chateau Blanc

Valgrisenche 23-01-2015 a las 16:41:04

Flying to Chateau Blanc, you can see the tracks we made on the run before! Here you can also get an idea of how long are the descents.

Valgrisenche 18-01-2015 a las 12:12:02

Ormelune today: 50/60 cm of powder, no wind, perfect conditions! We wait you in Valgrisenche!

Valgrisenche 17-01-2015 a las 16:24:00

Friends heliskiers! It is bad weather in Valgrisenche since two days, we received 10 cm of snow in Bonne with no wind, therefore the conditions should be very good until 2200/2300 mt. of altitude as before. The weatherforecast announces bad weather during the coming week as well, we wait the sun to see how conditions actually are.

Valgrisenche 12-01-2015 a las 11:15:21

We are skiing today on Giasson and Ormelune, in spite if the wind of the past days, we are skiing in very good conditions! Valgrisenche is a lucky valley :)

On est en train de skier sur Giasson et Ormelune, malgré le vent qu'on a reçu dans les jours passés ont skie dans des très belles conditions! Valgrisenche nous réserve toujours de belles surprises :)

Wir sind heute auf Giasson und Ormelune schifahren, trotz der starke Wind der letzten Tage, schifahren wir auf sehr guten Schneebedingungen!