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Thunder Ridge 30-12-2016 a las 01:41:45

Santa will be stopping by for a quick after Christmas vacation! Get on Santa's nice list, come ski or ride with Santa this Friday the 30th and Saturday the 31st from 10am till 2pm. #ThunderRidge #VisitPutnam #ISkiNY #Santa

Thunder Ridge 26-12-2016 a las 12:50:31

Enjoy the holiday season on the slopes! The mountain is open from 9am till 9pm this week with holiday rates and lesson times.

Thunder Ridge 24-12-2016 a las 16:28:49

Wishing you a Happy Holidays from the Thunder Ridge Family.

Thunder Ridge 21-12-2016 a las 18:07:00

Come take advantage of our mid-week special, available this week, Monday through Thursday, 10am-5pm $25 lift, $25 rental, $25 lesson! We are open 10am till 9pm Monday-Friday this week.

Thunder Ridge 18-12-2016 a las 14:18:01

Despite the forecast, we are OPEN today from 9am till 5pm! Come on over and have some fun.

Thunder Ridge 17-12-2016 a las 15:46:45

Thunder Ridge 17-12-2016 a las 15:10:28

Saturday the 17th conditions!

Thunder Ridge 15-12-2016 a las 12:57:14

Opening day is this Friday the 16th, see you on the hill!

Thunder Ridge 10-12-2016 a las 23:59:11

Snowmaking operations will continue as conditions permit, stay tuned for an opening day announcement.

Thunder Ridge 10-12-2016 a las 14:38:08

Snowmaking in full effect!

Thunder Ridge 26-10-2016 a las 17:18:32

Puppy Photo of the Day: When it's Hump Day and you were up late watching/celebraing the #WiNdians kill it during...

Thunder Ridge 29-07-2016 a las 18:01:05

This says it all about why we love our Alaskan Malamutes!

Thunder Ridge 10-06-2016 a las 20:59:47

We have been contacted by an adult Malamute owner who sadly needs to rehome their male Malamut. The dog is about...

Thunder Ridge 28-03-2016 a las 03:36:06

Happy Birthday to our previous pup, Loki, and all his litter mates!

Thunder Ridge 23-03-2016 a las 15:51:17

Happy National Puppy Day!

Thunder Ridge 12-03-2016 a las 16:13:37

Our previous pup, Glacier, says thank goodness it's the weekend! He was tuckered out!

Thunder Ridge 04-03-2016 a las 13:44:34

Thunder Ridge 16-02-2016 a las 15:30:10

Does your Alaskan Malamute choose the "snow-bed" like Loki who is one of our previous pups? :-)

Thunder Ridge 20-01-2016 a las 03:24:21

Thunder Ridge 23-12-2015 a las 14:16:21

Our dogs give us a lot including unconditional love. The AKC also posted this list of 5 gifts that Alaskan...

Thunder Ridge 07-11-2015 a las 02:38:11

Happy 6th Birthday to our precious pup, Glacier, and all his litter mates!

Thunder Ridge 03-11-2015 a las 20:30:26

How much cuteness can you fit in one shopping cart?

Thunder Ridge 08-06-2015 a las 19:25:53

Lexi loves her Glacier! Even though she's a quarter of his size!

Thunder Ridge 08-06-2015 a las 19:01:50

One of our previous pups, Glacier, with his adorable human sister Lexi!

Thunder Ridge 23-03-2015 a las 17:44:55

It's Monday.....malamute puppy style!