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Saddleback Inc. 27-10-2016 a las 22:21:17

Saddlebackers, many of you by now have seen the Saddleback Mountain Foundation's announcement of their initiative to raise monies for the purchase of the mountain. We wish them well with their efforts. We continue to work with the Saddleback Mountain Foundation, in addition to the other qualified buyers who are also in the process of pursuing the purchase of the resort. When the trail is clear we will update you.

Saddleback Inc. 08-02-2016 a las 20:03:05

As of today we know the following: We will not be open for February vacation week and any update on a possible opening date will be posted as we receive the information. Saddleback is more than a mountain - it is a community of people. We are asking for your support as we seek to ensure the long term viability of this community. The Berry Family has made the decision not to pressure the buyer but to be supportive of the situation. We are very grateful to the condominium owners, season pass holders and local businesses for being so supportive of our position.

Saddleback Inc. 15-10-2015 a las 20:14:45

Saddleback Inc. 11-10-2015 a las 07:09:24

Come see the foliage at the mountain and enjoy a fantastic brunch.

Saddleback Inc. 10-10-2015 a las 01:05:11

Fall is here and the foliage is peaking this weekend for another wedding at Saddleback. Lights are on and hoping for some good news next week

Saddleback Inc. 08-10-2015 a las 21:39:43

We are in the midst of serious negotiations with a buyer that plans to open for the winter-hope to be up and running soon. Keep you posted as soon as we have more information!!!

Saddleback Inc. 03-10-2015 a las 18:29:14

After Oktoberfest today. Come up to Saddleback tomorrow for a great brunch

Saddleback Inc. 01-10-2015 a las 15:13:06

Come try Chef Patrick's Brat and Strudel tonight at the kickoff for Rangeley Oktoberfest

Saddleback Inc. 16-09-2015 a las 20:55:43

Saddlebackers Latest Update: At this point putting in a lift for this season is off the table. The options we are still pursuing are as follows: 1. 4 separate buyers looking at purchasing the resort and operating this season with the current lift configuration. 2. 1 buyer looking to purchase the resort in the spring 3. A limited operation for the 2015-2016 season if option 1 doesn’t materialize. Our goal is to have a clear future by the first week in October, so that if none of the operational options pan out we can allow our customers to look at other options for the 2015-2016 season.

Saddleback Inc. 03-09-2015 a las 00:21:52

Saddleback Inc. 02-09-2015 a las 23:08:36

SADDLEBACKERS: All of us are waiting to see what the future holds for Saddleback. Over the past 44 days we have exhausted all reasonable financing options for replacing the Rangeley Double chair with a quad. Although we have not been able to secure financing for the quad, there has been significant interest in a purchase of the resort. As many of you know commercial transactions of this nature take time; Buyers need to do their due diligence (homework) and the process requires a high level of confidentiality. The degree of confidentiality can be frustrating to all of us because we would love to tell you what is going on but legal restrictions prevent us from sharing. Here are the scenarios we are working through now: 1. We have a buyer negotiating to buy the resort and install a quad lift this season. 2. We have a buyer negotiating to buy the resort; remain closed for the ski season and install a lift next summer. 3. We have two potential buyers looking at operating status quo for the winter. Improvements would begin next summer. 4. We are also discussing a leasing option. The Berry Family is evaluating all options with the goal of a sustainable future for Saddleback. We appreciate the outpouring of support from our community and customers – this is a tough time for all of us. We understand the frustration about the unpredictability of the future and not being able to make winter plans. We assure you we are doing everything in our power to resolve these questions as soon as possible.

Saddleback Inc. 19-04-2015 a las 22:06:38

What a day to end the season. This is spring skiing at its finest! #seeyounextyear

Saddleback Inc. 19-04-2015 a las 18:08:44

We couldn't have asked for a better closing day! Thanks you for such a wonderful season! #closingday #traillessskied

Saddleback Inc. 19-04-2015 a las 15:33:39

It's going to be a beautiful closing day! #OneLastSki

Saddleback Inc. 18-04-2015 a las 18:32:16

What a great finale weekend! #TrailLessSkied

Saddleback Inc. 18-04-2015 a las 14:03:32

What a beautiful morning! Everything is lookin' good up here, lifts turn at 9:30 so get ready for some spring skiing.

Saddleback Inc. 16-04-2015 a las 19:18:27

Spring has sprung! This is what you've been waiting for! #constantcontact

Saddleback Inc. 12-04-2015 a las 19:02:12

This sport really is a family past time. #family #funinthesun

Saddleback Inc. 12-04-2015 a las 14:19:21

This is the spring day we've been waiting for! #bluebird #springtime

Saddleback Inc. 11-04-2015 a las 18:02:58

Another trial less skied moment. #traillessskied

Saddleback Inc. 08-04-2015 a las 04:11:37


Saddleback Inc. 07-04-2015 a las 00:57:14

$69 Ski and Stay packages on all Condo's! And... your stay could be FREE! Find out how:

Saddleback Inc. 05-04-2015 a las 20:38:20

Awesome egg hunt today, we hope everyone had fun! Happy Easter

Saddleback Inc. 05-04-2015 a las 16:41:57

Thank you Peter Panagore for holding an Easter Service in the warming hut today.

Saddleback Inc. 05-04-2015 a las 14:15:56

To the finder of this golden egg, a 2015/16 Season Pass!! Happy hunting and Happy Easter. LET THE HUNT BEGIN!!