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Pine Knob 08-12-2016 a las 18:16:14

We are blowing snow again today! Hopefully to open tomorrow at 3pm! Check back for more details!!

Pine Knob 15-11-2016 a las 19:24:01

Pine Knob 23-10-2016 a las 06:19:07

Congratulations 2016 OEC class.

Pine Knob 10-10-2016 a las 13:30:39

Pine Knob 04-10-2016 a las 15:56:44

Pine Knob 07-03-2016 a las 06:33:19

2016 Winter Carnival

Pine Knob 02-03-2016 a las 21:25:38

@AndreaBHHS @SkiMtHolly So salads & sandwiches, not to mention apples, oranges, grapes, carrots, celery, aren't healthy?

Pine Knob 29-02-2016 a las 15:43:02

Pine Knob 29-02-2016 a las 15:41:40

Does anyone know the Volkl rep in Michigan? If so, can you message me the contact info?

Pine Knob 01-02-2016 a las 00:40:51

Congratulations new Basic Patrollers.

Pine Knob 31-01-2016 a las 18:35:03

******** NO PM SESSION TODAY – CLOSING 5:30 ********

Pine Knob 13-01-2016 a las 04:21:33

We will be operating both session today, 10:00AM-5:30PM and 3:00PM-10:00PM

Pine Knob 11-01-2016 a las 01:48:53

Hey power is back! Mother Nature sure has been tough on us this year but we will ski you Monday morning at 10:00AM.

Pine Knob 10-01-2016 a las 21:38:14

Closed Sunday January 10th due to power outage. Check back for updates.

Pine Knob 06-01-2016 a las 01:58:28

So-Gnar Snowboard camp is rescheduled to Feb 12th & 13th Thunderbolt this Wednesday & Thursday

Pine Knob 31-12-2015 a las 13:36:12

Pine Knob will turn snow guns on Thursday New Years Eve. Finally 2nd winter has returned for the 2015-2016 season.

Pine Knob 19-12-2015 a las 15:05:39

We're Back! - Saturday 1-9pm Sunday 9-5:30pm & 3-9pm Tickets $25 - Ski Shop & Ticket Office open 10am for gift cards & last minute gifts.

Pine Knob 23-11-2015 a las 04:23:54

Pine Knob 22-11-2015 a las 15:31:23

November 23, 2015. Look for Pine Knob to open this week.

Pine Knob 17-03-2015 a las 18:18:29

We are CLOSED for the 2014-2015 Ski Season Thank you for making this a great year! Season passes go on sale September 1st

Pine Knob 15-03-2015 a las 22:29:58

**** No skiing Monday-Thurday, we will reopen Friday, Saturday, & Sunday weather permitting ****

Pine Knob 08-03-2015 a las 22:12:01

**** CORRECTION **** Sat & Sun one session 9:00AM - 5;30PM

Pine Knob 06-03-2015 a las 21:07:17

**** SPRING HOURS STARTING MARCH 9TH **** Mon - Thurs 12:00-9:00PM, Fri 12:00-10:00PM, Sat & Sun One Session 9:00AM - 9:00PM

Pine Knob 09-01-2015 a las 22:24:41

*** So-Gnar pulls into Pine Knob!!!! ****