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Mohawk Mountain 30-12-2016 a las 00:28:58

Our luckiest guests today: The Saugerties Rollers. Making the trip down from Brooklyn, they hit an icy patch and rolled their car in Saugerties, NY. NO ONE WAS HURT, the tow truck pulled them out of the ditch they landed in, and they continued on their way to ski and ride at Mohawk Mountain. Totally worth it!

Mohawk Mountain 29-12-2016 a las 22:53:16

The myth... the legend... The Yeti! He's BACK! Freshies bring him out every time!

Mohawk Mountain 29-12-2016 a las 22:49:00

@FredCampagna Dumping... that's the prefect description. Can you spot the Yeti out enjoying the freshies?

Mohawk Mountain 29-12-2016 a las 16:51:35

Snowing here. It's a happy place.

Mohawk Mountain 29-12-2016 a las 15:38:01

Yup, it's snowing here. C'mon over. You'll be glad you did. Check out the view:

Mohawk Mountain 28-12-2016 a las 21:34:25

FIRST RESPONDER NIGHT at Mohawk. Show a valid Id and get up to 4 lift tickets for only $15 TONIGHT! Tell your firefighter, police, EMS pals

Mohawk Mountain 28-12-2016 a las 20:27:28

Great news... 6 inches of freshies expected here in the Northwest Hills. Don't let the rain in your yard fool you - it's winter here at Mohawk Mountain!

Mohawk Mountain 27-12-2016 a las 23:50:51

We are excited to introduce our new Snowhawks Children's lesson schedule, with 3 sessions daily - 9:30 am, 11:00 am and 1:30 pm. Coordinates perfectly so Mom & Dad can get their group lesson in, and still catch the last 15 minutes of the kid's! Register online through SNOWTRAX for guaranteed rentals/lessons or just walk in!

Mohawk Mountain 27-12-2016 a las 20:34:14

6 or so inches of fresh snow coming in on Thursday... sounds just about perfect to us!

Mohawk Mountain 27-12-2016 a las 15:55:07

Clouds are moving fast and we expect to see blue skies by noon. Did you know that your anytime lift ticket at Mohawk Mountain is good until we close - we don't force you into time limits that don't suit you. Start your ski day whenever you want - your ticket is good until we close! If a shorter visit suits you, opt for a 4 hour ticket - you can always upgrade when you realize you don't want to leave!

Mohawk Mountain 26-12-2016 a las 03:30:02

Let the fun begin! Lifts start spinning at 8:30 am. (Holiday rates and hours in effect.) We will be offering a full schedule of Snowhawks Children's Lessons and Group Lessons. Private lessons offered based on instructor availability. Take advantage of SNOWTRAX online ordering to make your visit convenient and stress-free.

Mohawk Mountain 24-12-2016 a las 21:25:54

We will be closed on Sunday December 25, 2016 in observance of Christmas. We will reopen at 8:30 am on Monday, December 26 and ski and ride from 8:30 am until 10pm. Expect excellent conditions with a deep base and perfectly groomed corduroy - our holiday gift to you! Merry Christmas from your friends at Mohawk Mountain Ski Area!

Mohawk Mountain 24-12-2016 a las 13:22:34

Our snow covered slopes are open for your skiing and riding pleasure today from 8:30 am to 4:00pm. Our gift to you: lift tickets are only $25. Still shopping? We've got that covered too! Awesome selection of clothing, gear and gifts at MMS Outfitters or perhaps some Mohawk Money gift cards..... perfect for all of the snowlovers on your list!

Mohawk Mountain 23-12-2016 a las 04:00:47

@SamKantrow We'd be honored!

Mohawk Mountain 23-12-2016 a las 03:04:45

@SamKantrow because they are brand new! We love them too! Come on up and visit us sometime Sam - it's even better in person!

Mohawk Mountain 23-12-2016 a las 01:47:55

We agree.... and the view is pretty incredible too!

Mohawk Mountain 19-12-2016 a las 16:08:12

Blizzarding as we prepare to reopen on Thursday. #birthplaceofsnowmaking

Mohawk Mountain 17-12-2016 a las 14:44:31

Lifts are spinning and snow is falling! POWDER DAY! #mohawkmtn #birthplaceofsnowmaking

Mohawk Mountain 16-12-2016 a las 14:09:42

RT @BradNBCCT: .@MohawkMountain we're watching you here at #NBCCT great snow making! 4 to 6 inches coming Saturday AM #FirstAlertCT https:/…

Mohawk Mountain 15-12-2016 a las 17:09:11

@TylerJankoski got another one coming online a few minutes.. stay tuned! #birthplaceofsnowmaking

Mohawk Mountain 15-12-2016 a las 14:50:31

@TylerJankoski per your request :) First of 2 new webcams #birthplaceofsnowmaking

Mohawk Mountain 15-12-2016 a las 14:48:29

Blizzardy at Mohawk Mountain! #birthplaceofsnowmaking

Mohawk Mountain 09-12-2016 a las 22:20:38

It's happening. #birthplaceofsnowmaking

Mohawk Mountain 08-12-2016 a las 02:58:48

RT @TylerJankoski: A solid 84-hour window of snowmaking upcoming from 7 p.m. Thursday through 7 a.m. Monday for the hill towns! #NBCCT http…

Mohawk Mountain 27-10-2016 a las 22:37:56