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Les Diablerets Ayer a las 12:24:43

Thank you VAUD - Région du Léman for the visit ! Enjoy your day at #Glacier3000

Les Diablerets 02-12-2016 a las 18:18:11

Alle Gletscherlifte offen und super Verhältnisse - geniesst das sonnige Wochenende auf den Pisten von #glacier3000!

Les Diablerets 30-11-2016 a las 11:25:19

Let's enjoy the view on Glacier 3000's playground from the Oldenhorn. Thank you Jean-Claude Rossignol for the picture ;)

Les Diablerets 29-11-2016 a las 15:39:56

⚠️ Audi Snowboard Series wednesday 30.11 & thursday 1.12 ! Priority given to the competitors - thank you in advance for your collaboration

Les Diablerets 27-11-2016 a las 10:29:15

{LIVE} Snowpark Glacier 3000 is open and very good conditions up here ⛷

Les Diablerets 26-11-2016 a las 09:26:06

{LIVE} The sun is playing peek-a-boo. All glacier slopes are open but the opening of the Olden Piste is delayed.

Les Diablerets 24-11-2016 a las 20:30:07

Let's fly with Laurent De Martin ! Special early run, magic ;)

Les Diablerets 23-11-2016 a las 09:40:54

Les Diablerets 23-11-2016 a las 07:55:01

Winter is here and so should you. More information about our great slopes and perfectly shaped snowpark here: http://glacier3000.ch/en/winter-sports/ski-and-snowboard

Les Diablerets 21-11-2016 a las 20:00:00

Sometimes,Laurent De Martin, Scott Cheap, Sampo Vallotton and Alex Toupet wake up very early to enjoy the first runs on Snowpark Glacier 3000 !

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Les Diablerets 09-07-2010 a las 21:03:07

BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH - Moonlight Concert at Glacier 3000 on 21.08.2010 from 18:30 to 23:15. Limited seats available.

Les Diablerets 05-03-2010 a las 16:38:26

So have you been to Glacier3000 ? We are eager to know your feedback.