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Kirkwood Hace 10 horas

Come celebrate our Tahoe lifestyle this Saturday night, December 10th, and see the best in action and adventure sports films and photography. Get your tickets to the 14th annual Tahoe Adventure Film Festival at MontBleu's box office or Ticketmaster. Learn more at

Kirkwood Hace 17 horas

Current temps @Kirkwood are 35@the base 30@the summit… (getting better) summit winds SW 39/47 with gusts in the low…

Kirkwood Hace 17 horas

Good morning Kirkwood skiers and riders! Happy Friday! According to U.S. National Weather Service (NWS), we're going to have mixed precipitation today with slight accumulation in the forecast. Cloudy, with a high near 36. South southwest wind around 18 mph, with gusts as high as 26 mph. Chance of precipitation is 70%. We have 6 lifts spinning and 1 beginner tow, Chair 7 and Chair 9 are both open today. Timber Creek is set to open for the season tomorrow, December 10th. Get that gear dialed in and come catch some turns with us this weekend! #StokeLevelRising - Sean

Kirkwood Ayer a las 16:04:17

Good morning Kirkwood friends! My name is Sean and I'm psyched to be the final addition to the weather reporting team here at Kirkwood this season! We received 1" of new snow overnight, currently in a Winter Weather Advisory, we are keeping our fingers crossed for more. As reported by the National Weather Service, we are expecting snow before 10am, then 90% chance of mixed precipitation. High near 36. South southwest wind 18 to 21 mph, with gusts as high as 31 mph. New snow accumulation of 1 to 3 inches possible. Long range forecast shows chance of a bit more accumulation. Keep doing that snow dance and hope for more #PowDays to come! -Sean

Kirkwood 08-12-2016 a las 01:36:54

Good Evening my friends, Glass’o’Red in hand winding down a good day on the mountain…...

Kirkwood 08-12-2016 a las 01:36:15

Good Evening my friends, Glass’o’Red in hand winding down a good day on the mountain… #StokeLevelBeginsToRise as the NWS forecast is looking much more aligned with a series of storms headed our way… NWS has a Winter Weather Advisory for snow remains in effect for the Western Sierra Slope with snow levels down around 2500’-3000’ ft. Snow accumulations will range around 2”-4" at Lake level with up to 6" at the upper elevations of the Sierra… The wet pattern continues as additional waves of precipitation arrive Thursday into Saturday. The main difference is that snow levels are expected to rise significantly by Thursday evening. The Sierra will likely see heavier precipitation with these additional waves but snow impacts will be limited to the higher elevations...around 6000’ ft and above. Timber Creek will open this Saturday for the season with our Timber Creek Express (Chair 7) and Bunny (Chair 9) Snow has been skiing / riding quite well my friends and with the new snow forecast it will only get better… Stay’nThirsty #StokeForPow :) Coop

Kirkwood 07-12-2016 a las 15:33:48

Cup'O'Joe in hand, Officially raising the #StokeLevel to 9.1 with a transition back to a wetter pattern emerging :)…

Kirkwood 07-12-2016 a las 15:29:07

Buenos Dias my friends, Cup’O’Joe in hand, Cold temps 14@the base with a cool 19@summit wind 17/20 gusts 27mph as we look to a wetter and more active weather pattern emerging over the next several days here… Officially raising the #StokeLevel to 9.1 with a positive outlook for snow across the region… NWS forecast models are not as nearly robust as some of the #OverStokers I have been reading over the last few hours. Let’s go with the conservative NWS as the others seem to just ‘Go-Big’ and disappoint… NWS read: A transition back to a more active weather pattern (precipitation-wise) begins later today as a series of more substantial systems begin to affect the region. Because of the cold air already in place, expect snow levels to be rather low when the first system arrives by this evening. In Shasta County, snow levels could be in the 1000’-1500’ ft range, and 2500’-3000’ ft along the Sierra foothills. Precipitation is generally expected to be light in those locations. Depending on location, this cold air will be slow to mix out Wednesday night into Thursday, especially in the northern mountains. Strong warm- advection may be more successful in bringing rising snow levels in the northern Sierra by later Thursday. Additional impulses arrive Thursday & Friday, possibly into Saturday. This will come in the form of a narrow plume of moisture so some locations may miss out on precipitation with those impulses. The Sierra will likely see heavier precipitation with those waves with high snow levels. If we see 8” to 12” we'll be #Stoked for sure… This weekend we will be opening Timber Creek chairs 7 & 9 for the season:) Stay’nThirsty, Coop

Kirkwood 06-12-2016 a las 15:39:40

Good Morrrrrrrning Kirkwood Mountain! Conditions on the mountain today will be mostly clear, with a high near 27. Southwest wind 10 to 16 mph, with gusts as high as 24 mph. Today there are 5 lifts spinning until 4 pm, including Chair 6! No new snow today, but later in the week is looking good!! WOO! See ya on the mountain! -Anna

Kirkwood 05-12-2016 a las 17:24:27

Buenos Dias my friends, #Cup'O'Joe in hand,Temps 24@the base 27@the summit winds NW 8/17mph... Getting ready to o…

Kirkwood 05-12-2016 a las 15:30:12

Good Morning Kirkwood! Current conditions on the mountain are mostly clear, a temp of 24 degrees, and a northwest wind at 9 mph. We have had no new natural snow in the last few days. Today there are 5 lifts spinning til 4 pm, including Chair 6, giving you access to 19 different runs, 1 terrain park and 12 km of cross country skiing. According to the National Weather Service, today will be mostly sunny, with a high near 34 and a west southwest wind 3 to 6 mph. Have an awesome day! I’ll catch you on the mountain. -Elle

Kirkwood 04-12-2016 a las 15:07:11

Good morning Kirkwood! Hope you are having an awesome weekend =) Current conditions on the mountain are a temp of 30, clear, winds around 15 mph, and no new natural snow. Today there will be 5 lifts spinning from 9 am until 4 pm, giving you access to 19 different runs and 1 terrain park. We also have 12 km of cross country skiing open. According to the National Weather Service, today’s conditions will be mostly sunny, with a high near 41 and a southwest wind 5 to 10 mph. Have a great day. I’ll catch you on the mountain! - Elle

Kirkwood 04-12-2016 a las 02:06:27

Good evening my friends, Glass'o'Red in hand tonight with the #StokeLevel @11 today... Huge shout out the the KirkwoodMtn operations teams for getting our beloved Cornice Express back online... #TrustKirkwoodMtnOps #LiftMaintenanceTheUnSungHeros Great day out on the mountain with @Josh Daiek and @Abe Greenspan two local legends and #KirkwoodDeep All-Stars... More snow in the forecast, 348 acres open, 1 park and all just awaiting your arrival... Stay'nThirsty, Coop

Kirkwood 04-12-2016 a las 02:03:59

Cornice Express Now Open for the Season :): via @YouTube

Kirkwood 03-12-2016 a las 17:29:13

Kirkwood will have 5 lifts spinning at 9 am, including Chair 6, giving you access to a total of 348 acres of terrain. Give yourself the gift of an Epic winter and enjoy snow all season long. Buy your pass! #GiftOfSnow

Kirkwood 03-12-2016 a las 07:23:25

Wow... Mrs @delphineisQueen is launching a new webby... A must to checkout @ Stay'nThirsty…

Kirkwood 03-12-2016 a las 07:15:57

Wow... Mrs Queen Delphine De St Paër launching a new webby... A must to checkout @ Stay'nT…

Kirkwood 03-12-2016 a las 01:43:27

Evening my friends Cornice Express will open for the season tomorrow AM @9am... #ExpertTerrain access only my frien…

Kirkwood 02-12-2016 a las 18:19:00

#MtnUpdate Outlaw Terrain Park is on a delayed opening, targeting an 11am opening.

Kirkwood 02-12-2016 a las 16:00:24

#MtnUpdate Strong winds today. NE 50-65 mph w/gusts up to 90mph at summit. Winds to decrease in afternoon. Mostly c…

Kirkwood 02-12-2016 a las 03:27:14

Forecast 12/2: The @NWSReno is forecasting a Lake Wind Advisory until 10pm FRI. Be prepared for gusts as high as 47…

Kirkwood 02-12-2016 a las 02:34:59

Take a peek at the snowy playground waiting for you this weekend. #GiftOfSnow Just 3 more days to grab your pass:…

Kirkwood 01-12-2016 a las 20:58:46

@VictoriaECoon Agreed Victoria... I am researching now.. Coop

Kirkwood 01-12-2016 a las 19:26:31

@Vagabond3Live @travelmassive Buenos Dias Jade, Can't wait to #ShareTheStoke with you here in Tahoe...…

Kirkwood 01-12-2016 a las 18:09:28

We're hosting an open casting call for all you shredding starlets. We're looking for ski models of all types! Kids…