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Haystack 29-12-2016 a las 20:18:34

@patriciaS2013 Nice! Though getting to be more and more like snow skating

Haystack 29-12-2016 a las 19:04:30

It's snowing — 2 to 3 inches so far with up to a foot possible before the storm dissipates on Friday morning. With fresh powder, little wind and temps in the high-20s conditions for skiing and riding Haystack Mountain are perfect. As always, you can get the latest Hermitage Club snow conditions at: http://hermitageclub.com/snow-report

Haystack 29-12-2016 a las 02:54:16

These guys and gals are looking forward to a snowy Thursday at the Hermitage Club. Local forecasts are calling for 5-12" of snow starting in the morning and coming down all day. With a full lineup of events, live music, delectable dining and now a blast of snowy goodness, it's a great time to be a member :) The latest snow report: http://hermitageclub.com/snow-report #hermitagemoment

Haystack 26-12-2016 a las 23:18:37

While we're all enjoying this Holiday season with friends and loved ones, please be advised that the roads around the Club and throughout the Northeast are very dangerous tonight. Route 9 has been closed over the mountains and local roads are dreadful. Please do not drive tonight unless there is an emergency! Be safe and we'll see you all on the slopes.

Haystack 25-12-2016 a las 22:24:09

Wishing you all the very best this holiday season. #merrychristmas #happychanukah #happyholidays

Haystack 25-12-2016 a las 17:30:57

RT @think_daVinci: Getting ready for some powder turns @HermitageClub #HappyChistmas https://t.co/ZgxtengM52

Haystack 24-12-2016 a las 14:08:24

A quick snow update from Tony this week. Today there's a chance of 1-3" of fresh snow and after the usual stellar job by our snowmakers and groomers, the mountain is skiing wonderfully. . Happy holidays to everyone, - The Hermitage Club

Haystack 22-12-2016 a las 19:44:48

Join the Hermitage Club, the only private ski mountain on the East Coast USA

Haystack 22-12-2016 a las 19:07:11

Your table is ready at the Hermitage Inn :) Now's the time to book your reservations before the weekend. There's fresh snow on the slopes and the skating rink, tubing and activity center behind the Inn will be open. http://hermitageinn.com

Haystack 18-12-2016 a las 16:26:12

A rainy day in Vermont today, but the Barnstormer lift is spinning and there are groomed trails open from the summit: http://hermitageclub.com/snow-report We also have the Family Center in full swing, the spa has availability this afternoon and Santa and his elf are visiting with those on the nice list by the Clubhouse fireplace.

Haystack 18-12-2016 a las 13:48:24

Today's Hermitage Club snow report → https://t.co/6A5QwBuJXJ (warning: it's more rainy, less powder-filled than yesterday)

Haystack 16-12-2016 a las 04:11:50

Chef Ben Robinson, celebrity chef and star of the Bravo reality TV show Below Deck, and Chef Chris Bonnivier , Executive Chef at the Hermitage Club, talk smack before their Chef vs. Chef Culinary Battle December 30th at the Hermitage Club in Deerfield Valley, Vermont Learn more at: http://hermitageclub.com/events/chef-vs-chef-battle

Haystack 16-12-2016 a las 04:01:49

Here are the expected snow conditions for the Hermitage Club tomorrow → https://t.co/AHlvAWn4VI

Haystack 16-12-2016 a las 04:00:52

@ACGBoston Looking forward to hosting you!

Haystack 14-12-2016 a las 15:47:54

@BeckImpact Thrilled to have you!

Haystack 14-12-2016 a las 15:42:14

We love this video from Ski Vermont. HR Managers around New England not so much.

Haystack 14-12-2016 a las 15:34:36

Want a private dining experience with Bravo TV's @BenRobinsonChef? It's a Hermitage Club member benefit → https://t.co/vHkCRKW2qm

Haystack 13-12-2016 a las 16:30:21

We approve of this message https://t.co/PksUdcyKO0

Haystack 10-12-2016 a las 21:49:07

Our take on the #mannequinchallenge at the Michael Cavanaugh show! Kicking off our fifth anniversary with style! https://t.co/YrQu96u8II

Haystack 10-12-2016 a las 03:26:52

Michael Cavanaugh show about to start!

Haystack 09-12-2016 a las 18:00:46

@JesseJbirdman Superb. Lightly snowing now. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Haystack 09-12-2016 a las 14:52:05


Haystack 08-12-2016 a las 19:55:35

Snowing slightly now around Deerfield Valley #VT - very apropos for day before Opening Weekend

Haystack 08-12-2016 a las 17:29:15

Thank you Vermont and @govpetershumlin! It has been a wonderful five years. #privateskiing… https://t.co/rsXO5fwoTH

Haystack 08-12-2016 a las 03:42:27

Star of Bravo's Below Deck, @BenRobinsonChef, is coming to the Hermitage Club #NewYear weekend →… https://t.co/HJZmLjkqxs