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Hanmer Ayer a las 06:30:06

FREE MONEY? Well, kind of... for the next few weeks our Hot Springs Escape Package now includes a $30 Food and... https://t.co/TL6SSLO6p5

Hanmer Ayer a las 05:28:09

Our buddies Elsa (the goat) and Piggie Sue from Hanmer Springs Animal Park have learnt a new trick!... https://t.co/XeeFbYzWlE

Hanmer Ayer a las 23:05:37

Love cheeky kea... moving the road cones down in Fiordland and now we've had a couple of ratbags visit the... https://t.co/LWRINBPvSu

Hanmer 01-12-2016 a las 01:00:05

Rightio team... SUPERSALE time!! Hanmer Springs is looking better than ever and we're doing our bit to get as... https://t.co/gQn68HV2Hl

Hanmer 30-11-2016 a las 04:23:17

Heads up... #comingsoon https://t.co/ATdk6i9aX0

Hanmer 30-11-2016 a las 00:56:10

We love this time of year when one of our favourite hiding spots aka secret picnic spots gets its leaves back. https://t.co/iIApVgHM7l

Hanmer 28-11-2016 a las 07:00:07

Good day all! Congratulations #hbc91 - you are the lucky winner of 'Pic of the Week'! Thanks for sharing the... https://t.co/x5LHmmz3Xp

Hanmer 28-11-2016 a las 02:00:03

It is Annual Swim Pass time! We're still counting our lucky stars that Hanmer Springs came through the... https://t.co/BxQxAowav8

Hanmer 26-11-2016 a las 05:25:14

Great deal from our friends at Hanmer Springs Attractions... https://t.co/g5OuoYwpLH

Hanmer 24-11-2016 a las 09:32:20

So good to see our special wee blue dude out helping bring some smiles to the children whose lives have been... https://t.co/WYa9Vc4aGh

Hanmer 21-11-2016 a las 23:05:10

Another glorious day here... we are still thanking our lucky stars and working on plans to further help those... https://t.co/3htvjVqZWq

Hanmer 20-11-2016 a las 22:00:04

Hi everyone, Just to let you know that the Lap pool will be closed on Wednesday the 23rd of November for the day... https://t.co/F4GbyFIKjU

Hanmer 20-11-2016 a las 07:00:03

Hi everyone, Just to let you know, from Monday 21st to Friday 25th the main changing rooms (next to the Hex... https://t.co/cSYEkd7O9a

Hanmer 20-11-2016 a las 02:37:02

What glorious news for our Kaikoura friends... https://t.co/OJwLXpXFgE https://t.co/OJwLXpXFgE

Hanmer 19-11-2016 a las 00:38:35

Lovely seeing people out and about in the village, enjoying the sunny day. It's a surreal feeling. As one... https://t.co/e9T8l4RCn2