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Grimentz 25-12-2016 a las 21:46:52

List of live acts in Chez Florioz for this coming season ....

Grimentz 23-12-2016 a las 23:44:54

Grimentz 21-12-2016 a las 10:35:54

Great skiing on well groomed quiet pistes in the sun!!

Grimentz 21-12-2016 a las 09:23:44

Black run above Bendolla looking good in the sun this morning!!!

Grimentz 10-12-2016 a las 14:44:32

Grimentz 09-12-2016 a las 18:27:54

Christmas Market this weekend !! If you are in Grimentz over the weekend pay a visit and sample some of the great produce on offer !!

Grimentz 05-12-2016 a las 11:42:11

Look at the weather and conditions !! The professionals are training on the pistes today!!

Grimentz 01-12-2016 a las 21:49:38

This is a great Christmas Fayre held in the old village - lots of stalls selling gifts, local products, food and not to forget the mulled wine! This year it's held over the weekend of the 10th/11th December

Grimentz 27-11-2016 a las 22:04:14

Check out Ted Ligety on the slopes in Zinal!

Grimentz 19-11-2016 a las 14:37:50

The season has started - weekends only until full time opening from 17th December through to the 23rd April 2017 - fantastic long season on guaranteed snow!

Grimentz 26-03-2014 a las 09:28:34

RT @zinalfreeride: I just uploaded "Zinal Freeride 2014" to Vimeo:

Grimentz 26-03-2014 a las 09:28:12

RT @Annitrek: -1.1 à Zinal, -10.1 à Tracuit 2600m, -13.6 en surface, -12.6 à la Corne de Sorebois. Nébulosité 20%, HR 57%, vent nul, DA 3

Grimentz 26-03-2014 a las 09:26:52

@pistechat Many Thanks for your RT!

Grimentz 25-03-2014 a las 21:36:47

@Number10cat He's getting down with "them" so he can talk about Bingo with confidence

Grimentz 25-03-2014 a las 21:24:23

RT @MartinRHartley: Off to The North Geographic Pole to ski back to Canada & film documentary on climate issues

Grimentz 25-03-2014 a las 21:17:34

@LadyEleanorA Many Thanks for your RT :D

Grimentz 25-03-2014 a las 21:14:58

Valais students learn about off piste safety (in French) #ski #Switzerland

Grimentz 25-03-2014 a las 20:16:28

@FizzyDuck Life is great as long as I keep taking the pills ;-) LOL

Grimentz 25-03-2014 a las 20:11:36

Swiss National Avalanche Bulletin in English 26/3. Considerable Danger in some Regions #ski #Switzerland

Grimentz 25-03-2014 a las 20:07:54

@FizzyDuck Hiya :D How are you tonight?

Grimentz 25-03-2014 a las 20:00:13

@eurapart Kids! He ought to be showing you the sights ;-)

Grimentz 25-03-2014 a las 13:57:18

RT @SKITUDE_Alps: Be up there, forget everything, just focus! #phraseoftheweek #lovetoski #passionforski @SkiGrimentz

Grimentz 25-03-2014 a las 13:56:49

Wtf indeed :( Awful that the Police Dept thought their response (murder) was appropriate RT @nosiesta: @SkiGrimentz @HuffPostUK

Grimentz 25-03-2014 a las 08:11:58

RT @Annitrek: -9.2 à Zinal 1700m, -13.3 à Tracuit -21.3 en surface -15.5 à la Corne de Sorebois. Nébulosité 35% HR 57%, vents W<15km/h, DA 3

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