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Gällivare 28-12-2016 a las 09:13:00

Beautiful northern lights are dancing and moveing across the sky in Gällivare, Swedish Lapland. #northernlights #visitgellivare #swedishlapland

Gällivare 23-12-2016 a las 09:07:00

We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year! #visitgellivare #swedishlapland #Santa Photos: Daniel Olausson/Media Tales

Gällivare 21-12-2016 a las 12:27:53

Gällivare 20-12-2016 a las 09:00:00

Christmas is on the way. Gällivare is full of snow and christmas feeling! Photos: Daniel Olausson/Media Tales #visitgellivare #snow #christmas

Gällivare 14-12-2016 a las 14:48:00

Can you feel the Christmas spirit? In case you're not there yet, here are some beautiful Christmassy photos from last weekends Santa Winter Games to help you get into the Christmas spirit, since it's only ten days left until Chritmas! #visitgellivare #winterwonderland #santawintergames2016 Photos: Daniel Olausson/Media Tales

Gällivare 13-12-2016 a las 14:24:08

Laponia tours reports that it is great skiing conditions in Muddus National Park! #laponiatours #muddusnationalpark #visitgellivare #swedishlapland

Gällivare 13-12-2016 a las 11:46:44

Later on, we'll conspire, as we dream by the fire. To face unafraid, the plans that we've made. Walking in a winter wonderland. Glad lucia önskar Visit Gellivare Lapland! Photo: Daniel Olausson/Media Tales

Gällivare 10-12-2016 a las 15:20:58

Team Sweden won Santa Winter Games 2016! Congrats to Harmångernissen and Santa Jocke! And thank you to all contestants, the audience, the sponsors and everyone who made this event possible! #santawintergames2016 #visitgellivare #tomtaröverallt

Gällivare 10-12-2016 a las 11:57:09

Gällivare 09-12-2016 a las 14:31:01

Don't miss the Santa Winter Games, tomorrow at the square in central Gällivare! 10 Santas from five countries are competing for the title Santa of the Year 2016. Last year Santa Apple from Hong Kong won the title, and guess what? He'll be competing this year again! Read more about the Santas and the competition at www.santawintergames.se