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How to get into the Christmas spirit. Hear the horse's hooves sink into the velvety snow as your sleigh makes its way into the winter darkness of this unspoilt landscape. Perhaps you'll get a glimpse of the northern lights before you arrive to the log cabin where Santa Claus awaits. http://www.magicoflapland.se/en/sleigh-ride-to-log-cabin/

Gällivare 05-12-2016 a las 09:43:03

Skating under the northern lights in Stora Sjöfallet. The phenomenon, the scenery, the nature.

Gällivare 02-12-2016 a las 15:50:01

The last bit of sunlight. Have a great weekend everyone♥ #visitgellivare #swedishlapland Photo: Daniel Olausson/Media Tales

Gällivare 02-12-2016 a las 11:34:24

Laponia tours offers guided tours in and around the World Heritage Lapooffers guided tours in and around the World Heritage Laponia. #laponiatours #laponiaworldheritage #muddusnationalpark #visitgellivare

Gällivare 30-11-2016 a las 10:00:01

Om du har haft funderingar på att ta med familjen på familjefjällvecka i Saltoluokta kan det vara hög tid att boka in det redan nu. Vecka 9 är redan fullbokad men det finns platser kvar vecka 10, 11 och 16! https://www.svenskaturistforeningen.se/paket/saltoluokta-familjefjallveckor-vinter-4/

Gällivare 28-11-2016 a las 10:34:08

Winter is here and the dogs are ready! #lappeasuando #visitgellivare #swedishlapland

Gällivare 25-11-2016 a las 15:30:01

Only two weeks left until the 13th Santa Winter Games. Watch 10 Santas competing for the title "Santa of the Year" at the square in central Gällivare. Read more about the games and the Santas at www.santawintergames.se #santawintergames2016 #visitgellivare

Gällivare 23-11-2016 a las 12:30:01

Winter. The coldest season of the year with lots of snow and freezing temperatures. And perhaps the most beautiful scenery you could imagine. #visitgellivare #swedishlapland Photo: Daniel Olausson/Media Tales

Gällivare 18-11-2016 a las 15:32:39

Winter in Gällivare, Swedish Lapland. Photo: Daniel Olausson/Media Tales

Gällivare 18-11-2016 a las 15:29:15

Winter in Swedish Lapland means lots of snow, northern lights, cold temperatures and a variety of winter adventures! Want to learn a little bit more about what our small arctic town has to offer? Have a look at our winter guide online! #visitgellivare #swedishlapland https://issuu.com/swedishlapland/docs/destinationsbroschyr-gallivare-wint