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AMGA, IFMGA, RCG what does it mean? Use the link below to read our latest blog by Chris Pruden. Chris breaks down the certifications and courses that are popular in the guiding industry and what that means for you as a client. http://www.irwinguides.com/articles/why-we-are-proud-to-be-an-amga-accredited-business

CS Irwin 30-11-2016 a las 23:18:23

Don't forget to support the Crested Butte Avalanche Center this Friday & Saturday for their annual Avalanche Awareness Night and Beacon Brush Up. Use the link below for more information. http://cbavalanchecenter.org/cbac-avalanche-awareness-night/

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Learning how to use your beacon is the first step but how long has it been since you have actually put it to practice? Brush up your beacon skills, shoveling and evacuation techniques December 3rd. Join the CBAC for their annual Beacon Brush up. Use link below for more information. http://cbavalanchecenter.org/beaconbrushup/

CS Irwin 21-11-2016 a las 19:31:46

The snow has started to fall. Remember that early season has it's own snowpack issues. Check out the CBAC Forecast before you travel in the backcountry this week.

CS Irwin 19-11-2016 a las 03:41:28

Psyched to be able to help out and support #avyeducation in the Gunnison's Valley! Thanks to our guides Ian Havlick, Zach Guy and Steve Banks for lending their expertise.

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Don't forget to mark your calendars. http://cbavalanchecenter.org/cbac-avalanche-awareness-night/

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