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Borovets 30-12-2016 a las 09:33:01

Plans for tonight - sorted! After Eleven Nightclub #FridayFeeling

Borovets 30-12-2016 a las 08:59:48

Боровец днес Borovets today

Borovets 29-12-2016 a las 16:30:00

Утре (30.12.2016) отваряме ски център Маркуджик! В зависимост от вятъра и снеговалежа ще бъдат обработени писти Маркуджик 0, Маркуджик 1, Харамия и Сухар. Маркуджик 2- A и Б ще са отворени за FREE RIDE. Ski center Markudjik opens tomorrow (30.12.2016)! Depending on the weather conditions, ski trails Markudjik 0, Markudjik 1, Haramia and Suhar will be open. Markudjik 2 A and B will be open for FREE RIDE.

Borovets 29-12-2016 a las 13:59:16

Borovets 29-12-2016 a las 11:13:49

Welcome to wonderland

Borovets 28-12-2016 a las 20:30:13

През стъклото ни се струва, че снежната покривка навън се случва със сантиметър в секунда. Направо си е край на декемврийския метеорологичен малшанс. Изглежда и вие сте мантрували с нас? :) По всичко личи, че новата година иска да затрупа старата, а това, което ще начертаем отгоре, зависи изцяло от нас. Последвайте ни навътре в планината! :) _________________ It seems that the snow outside is accumulating with the speed of centimeter per second. Looks like 2017 wants to white out the previous one. We invite you to step out of your comfort zone with us and draw the new lines of а fresh start. :)

Borovets 28-12-2016 a las 11:00:00

Първият кръг на Общинския шампионат събра повече от 50 деца на възраст от 6 до 12 години

Borovets 28-12-2016 a las 09:30:42

Успех на всички бъдещи шампиони, които днес ще демонстрират ски уменията си в двете състезания за деца на писта Ястребец 3!

Borovets 27-12-2016 a las 08:55:34

Borovets 26-12-2016 a las 08:50:00

До 60см нов сняг на Боровец. Новата година ще затрупа старата. Очакваме ви. :) __________________ 60cm of new snow for the new year. We await you. :)

Borovets 06-04-2016 a las 17:41:57

RT @WotWudUDo: @borovetsski @skiborovets thanks for having us was an amazing experience #ski #jump #Bulgaria #borovets #fail…

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Borovets 18-01-2016 a las 13:45:29

Mirror's Alun Palmer amazed by Borovets value: Swinging my hips to instructor Ivan’s music booming from a port...

Borovets 18-01-2016 a las 13:45:24

Mirror's Alun Palmer amazed by Borovets value: Swinging my hips to instructor Ivan’s music…

Borovets 14-02-2014 a las 12:09:17

Record Numbers in Bulgaria's European Ski Cup: A record number of 17 countries have confirmed…

Borovets 05-11-2013 a las 05:14:02

New Ski Resort Planned for Bulgaria's Rila Mountain: The Rila Destination project has…

Borovets 11-11-2012 a las 13:52:14 names Borovets as its 2013 top ski resort: Online ski website has…

Borovets 16-09-2012 a las 19:08:59

RT @J2SkiChat: #Ski #News - Re:2 Horse Powered Ski Lift for Megeve - #Megeve #Borovets -

Borovets 09-05-2012 a las 13:53:50

European Mountain Running Championships coming to Borovets in 2013: The European Athletics…

Borovets 03-02-2012 a las 21:08:05

New Snow Park opens with a bang: The most modern freestyle park in Bulgaria, Snow Park…

Borovets 17-01-2012 a las 09:03:45

The Best of the Best of Borovets from Directline Holidays Blog

Borovets 10-01-2012 a las 23:07:29

Borovets: top destination for 2012: The UK and Ireland’s leading online travel…

Borovets 08-01-2012 a las 17:13:56

Bulgaria's tax system luring new businesses: Bulgaria is among the top ten countries in the…

Borovets 02-01-2012 a las 13:46:53

A winter in Borovets: some pictures: The winter is really beautiful in and around Borovets…

Borovets 29-12-2011 a las 23:14:31

Forestry Act amendments to pave way for Ski Resorts upgrades: The amendments to the Forestry…

Borovets 25-12-2011 a las 07:25:15

Weather conditions in Borovets are amazing. Great snow. And sun forecast for the whole week.