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Apex Resort 30-11-2016 a las 22:33:12

The building has been completely gutted and transformed. The dry wall is now up, painting nearly complete, fireplace is in and the snow is falling! Apex Lodge renovations are nearly finished and we are ready to start taking bookings from December 26th! #skipenticton #skicanada #apexmountain

Apex Resort 30-11-2016 a las 20:17:02

Excellent! With more snow in the forecast and a cold week coming up, opening day will be great!

Apex Resort 27-11-2016 a las 00:58:52

Apex Resort 25-11-2016 a las 00:28:36

Apex Resort 24-11-2016 a las 02:28:00

Apex Resort 23-11-2016 a las 23:56:43

Attention all Schools and Teachers. Check out our School Group Packages for our newly renovated Apex Lodge

Apex Resort 23-11-2016 a las 20:38:08

Apex Resort 23-11-2016 a las 20:29:53

Christmas Holiday Events & Activities with Apex Mountain Lodging

Apex Resort 23-11-2016 a las 19:58:43

Apex Resort 22-11-2016 a las 22:25:58

It's all good news in the forecast this week!

Apex Resort 29-08-2016 a las 18:05:41

La Nina in the forecast for this winter = colder and wetter = more amazing conditions! We're Stoked!

Apex Resort 28-03-2016 a las 21:46:39

Today may have just been the best day of the season, and possibly our lives? #skiapex https://t.co/6L7DMpLYMC

Apex Resort 28-03-2016 a las 17:29:36

Currently snowing heavily! 22 cm's of new snow last night + another 17 yesterday makes for what will be one of the best days of the season!!

Apex Resort 26-03-2016 a las 18:28:00

A different view of the top of Apex.

Apex Resort 22-03-2016 a las 17:03:31

Currently snowing heavily! Fantastic conditions! Come for the last few weeks of the season and get in on the best conditions in a long time!

Apex Resort 17-03-2016 a las 23:50:43

What an amazing St.Patrick's Day for us! Little pow, a lot of sunshine, and all smiles! #happystpattys #skiapex https://t.co/NRVtcLqJBm

Apex Resort 17-03-2016 a las 22:12:12

Photo taken today! Need we say anything more? ☘#luckyus #happystpatricksday #SkiApex https://t.co/iT6v0s9QCl

Apex Resort 15-03-2016 a las 19:04:44

Bit of sunshine and awesome conditions makes for a fun Tuesday! #SkiApex #okanaganpow https://t.co/d39smF4PTk

Apex Resort 14-03-2016 a las 18:53:10

15 cms of new snow in the past 24 hrs! Conditions are the best they've been all year. 3 weeks left in the season, don't miss out on the pow!

Apex Resort 11-03-2016 a las 19:36:24

Come get your daily dose of Vitamin D, we have lots to go around! And POWDER, too! #skiapex… https://t.co/zjONdQw6Ii

Apex Resort 10-03-2016 a las 18:42:09

Powder day!! 13 cm's overnight on top of the 19 cm's from the last few days is making today one… https://t.co/bl5TD2DpSv

Apex Resort 07-03-2016 a las 22:54:03

How's that for a white out!? 12 cms of snow today and still counting... #SkiApex #okanaganpowder… https://t.co/clH24wlf3z

Apex Resort 06-03-2016 a las 19:27:52

What a day! 4cm's of snow overnight are making things pretty sweet out there right now, come see… https://t.co/lNsPhTDXqG

Apex Resort 03-03-2016 a las 17:53:13

Our Facebook promo 2 for 1 is on today, check our Facebook page to get the secret word!… https://t.co/0uP8veK0dR

Apex Resort 01-01-1970 a las 01:00:00

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