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Antelope Butte 29-12-2016 a las 18:35:00

Get 10% off all hoodies, tees, caps, and accessories in our online store to celebrate the New Year! Use promo code NEWYEAR at

Antelope Butte 29-12-2016 a las 16:03:54

Come on up this New Year's weekend and enjoy the fresh new snow. Over a foot of fresh snow fell last weekend and is far from "tracked out". A skin track is set for ascending, and the runs are great. Antelope Butte's trails are public for climbing and skiing! And, if you are so inclined, help us out by working in the lodge. While you're up skiing, consider packing in some basic tools (hammer, prybar, gloves, basic power tools) and help in repairing and refurbishing the lodge. There are a number of "weekend warrior" jobs, heat and electricity, and there will be a BBQ running, so pack some food and beverages, and come up for an enjoyable outing at Antelope Butte. Work will occur on and off over the weekend. So come on up for some fun in the snow, and some pleasurable work in lodge at Antelope Butte!

Antelope Butte 28-12-2016 a las 17:52:30

We're stoked, too!

Antelope Butte 27-12-2016 a las 17:12:42

What are you going to bid on at the Ullr Ball on January 27? We've already got over $19,000 in trips and items! The website is live now:

Antelope Butte 25-12-2016 a las 19:30:28

Merry Christmas from the Antelope Butte staff and Foundation board!

Antelope Butte 23-12-2016 a las 03:33:34

Are you using the right technique?

Antelope Butte 22-12-2016 a las 23:51:48

What is fat biking? Our Ski-EO explains in his Sheridan Press column.

Antelope Butte 21-12-2016 a las 22:50:19

Shout-out to the Hardin, MT school district for sending 3 buses loaded with 7th & 8th graders to go skiing today at Red Lodge Mountain

Antelope Butte 21-12-2016 a las 01:05:29

"Local resident Wailes Wolfe was sent to Sun Valley in Idaho to learn how to ski and come back and instruct eager skiers of all ages."

Antelope Butte 19-12-2016 a las 20:26:33

Our treasurer Anthony Tarver (pictured) and president Mark Weitz hiked up Antelope Butte this weekend and say the snow is perfect! We really want to get the lifts turning next winter so you can enjoy it, too (and without any hiking!). You can help make that happen by making a year-end donation at