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Alta Hace 2 horas

The day is shaping up nicely. Ski patrol headed up to make sure everything is safe with this new snowfall. We're giving free refills today folks. Photo: @photojohnphoto #nuking #nuketown #freerefills #snow #skiing #skialta #utah #wasatch

Alta Hace 22 horas

Its hard to take pictures of people when they keep disappearing. Supreme just opened. Snow is great. What a day with snow on the way! #skialta #skiing #trenched #nuketown #powderflu

Alta Ayer a las 00:58:19

Chuck at Pit Viper got out yesterday, and we don't really know what else to say other than this picture from Elliot Wilkinson-Ray demands respect (and authority). Plenty of fresh stuff out there for the taking. #altaskiarea #skiing #skiactor #style #powder #nuketown #snow

Alta 07-12-2016 a las 22:40:03

So the backside is open and quite soft as @davidberthiaume is demonstrating for you right here. A little chilly but the snow conditions are sneaky good! #skialta #powder #skiing #wasatch #utah

Alta 06-12-2016 a las 17:51:14

Our wise Accountant master Peter carefully said "You can't ski a forecast, but you can get excited". Ever heard of the Pineapple Express? Well it's on its way. Here is another fun little graphic to feast your eyes on: It should be a good weekend...

Alta 06-12-2016 a las 00:16:25

It was a great opening weekend with you all. What a way to kick off the season. Plenty of snow still out there if you know where to look! Thanks for the great video Allie Rood.

Alta 05-12-2016 a las 04:26:55

For you #altalucy fans out there. Yes, Lucy did get out to crush some groomer laps with handler and photog. @kelly_david_. Thanks again for an epic weekend everyone. Let's keep the stoke going. Sizeable storm in the forecast this week. #skialta #skiing #utah #wasatch #puppies #weekendvibes

Alta 03-12-2016 a las 17:47:58

In case you didn't hear, yesterday may have been the best opening day ever. @haydenzprice sure had a great time. Photo:@sammocohen. Let's do it again today shall we? Opening weekend continues!#skiing #skialta #powder #stoked #openingweekend #altamagic

Alta 02-12-2016 a las 21:51:54

As some of you are noticing, today has been an opening day for the books. A little late but worth the wait. Here's a shot from @cp_slc of @dillongreen getting the goods! #powder #epic #stoked #skialta #openingday

Alta 02-12-2016 a las 19:30:23

First chair up Wildcat for opening day! How cool is it that Wildcat is running on the first day of the season? Have fun out there folks! Photo: @photojohnphoto #openingday #stoked #lucky #skialta #powder #skiing

Alta 05-06-2014 a las 17:49:32

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Alta 13-03-2014 a las 16:17:38

We're starting off today with everything open! Plus, we're doing work on East Castle as we tweet. Stay tuned for opening information.

Alta 13-03-2014 a las 04:59:17

We opened 100% of Baldy for the first time this year. Who earned their turns off the top today? @ Alta…

Alta 12-03-2014 a las 23:08:10

Major props to our ski patrol for their hard work opening new terrain today. Devil's Castle AND 100% of Baldy for the first time this year.

Alta 12-03-2014 a las 16:26:52

Our patrol is rockin' and rollin' this morning. Stay tuned for terrain opening updates.

Alta 12-03-2014 a las 04:00:35

Goodnight, skiers. Here's a little something from today to make sure your dreams are sweet. Made possible by @GoPro.

Alta 12-03-2014 a las 03:00:22

Best photo yet of our new patrol puppy, Fitz, courtesy of @markmccambridge and his #anselalta series.

Alta 11-03-2014 a las 23:35:21

Was today the best day of the season? If not, it sure as heck made a deep case for it. Skier:…

Alta 11-03-2014 a las 22:16:16

Did we mention that it hasn't stopped snowing all day?

Alta 11-03-2014 a las 22:11:58

Truth. RT @_StellarMedia_: Going off @myAltaUT

Alta 11-03-2014 a las 18:01:09

2014-2015 @CollectivePass now on sale! Renew today for the lowest price PLUS more days at extra destinations!

Alta 11-03-2014 a las 17:53:06

Backside, Catherine's and Supreme Bowl are now open, skiers. Come and get it.

Alta 11-03-2014 a las 17:35:46

Visual conditions report. @adamjfehr is somewhere in there. #nuketown

Alta 11-03-2014 a las 17:22:21

If you're not here, you should get here. RT @ISkiDeepPow: Best ski day of my season! Day 84 @myAltaUT @SkiUtah

Alta 11-03-2014 a las 14:57:52

RT @ThuWhiteRabbit: I'm just thankful that @myAltaUT tells me when I'm sick.