What is Skitude?

Skitude is a monitoring platform, gamification and sharing experiences of skiing, snowboarding and winter sports outdoor, open to the participation of all those who love the snow and the mountains, through a set of mobile applications available for Android and iOS smartphones.

The Skitude mobile applications on the same device recorded all relevant data from skiing, snow or other outdoor activities (distance, elevation, time, average speed, maximum speed, and skiing), while that can be stored in the cloud directly to your website, www.skitude.com, and share with the community.

Skitude The proposal is complemented by a set of specific products and services for community members: positioning and navigation tools specially designed for use on the mountain, as the SOS emergency service locator or friends on a map, and a database of over 2.500 ski resorts with information of interest to plan your ski trip, and once in contextualizarte slopes.

In Skitude we work to develop new technological solutions for skiers and snowboarders, to facilitate obtaining accurate statistics, increase their mountain safety, and make the experience as fun as possible.

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