Wildcat Mountain


Open ski area
New snow
Snow type
30-80 cm
Snow depth

Wildcat Mountain An hour ago

Lift Lion and Top Cat are now open! #naturalsnow https://t.co/LCTe0dYL0Z

Wildcat Mountain Just 2 hours ago

Blue skies and 4" of fresh snow today! 7 trails | 1 lift | Full report: https://t.co/pgjB6mGK68

Wildcat Mountain Just 2 hours ago

Fresh snow & blue skies...it's going to be a great day at Wildcat! http://www.skiwildcat.com/snow-report/

Wildcat Mountain Yesterday at 16:22:42

Cruising over fresh snowfall.

Wildcat Mountain Yesterday at 16:08:18

1" of new snow and it's piling up fast. #snowing #wildinnature https://t.co/Zktvx8uV5A

Wildcat Mountain Yesterday at 13:45:10

It was a fantastic early morning up here at the Kitty! Check the snow report for today's conditions and open terrain: http://www.skiwildcat.com/snow-report/

Wildcat Mountain Yesterday at 13:37:08

7 trails open and the Wildcat Express will turn from 9am-3:30pm today. https://t.co/pgjB6mGK68 https://t.co/pgjB6mGK68

Wildcat Mountain Yesterday at 13:16:37

Amazing lighting this morning with new terrain opening and some natural snow as well ... #wildinnature #alpenglow https://t.co/toQDtRYvGI

Wildcat Mountain Yesterday at 22:11:45

Looking good!!! @AttitashResort https://t.co/zpwuGaNKOf

Wildcat Mountain Yesterday at 22:10:28

Looking forward to fresh turns. https://t.co/vdirNc5iTJ

Wildcat Mountain Yesterday at 22:06:23

Here we go winter!! #snowmaking https://t.co/OGtNR5Ovpi

Wildcat Mountain Yesterday at 17:17:18

Get after afternoon turns with $30 afternoon tickets every Sunday. #sundayfunday

Wildcat Mountain Yesterday at 17:02:52

Upper Catapult now open for season! #thankasnowmaker https://t.co/rkCVHfAzgA

Wildcat Mountain 04-12-2016 at 16:41:04

We'll be dropping ropes on Upper Catapult any minute now! Get after fresh snowmaking piles! #expansion… https://t.co/KqWteGBmR5

Wildcat Mountain 04-12-2016 at 16:38:14

Beautiful day at The 'Cat!

Wildcat Mountain 04-12-2016 at 16:14:04

Beautiful x2. #snowmaking + #mountwashington =

Wildcat Mountain 04-12-2016 at 16:10:29

Behold the beauty. Behold the power! #snowmaking #purring #mountwashington #whitemountains https://t.co/SXA7pMp5Sb

Wildcat Mountain 04-12-2016 at 13:59:58

Sunny Sunday Funday! Snowmaking continues working to expand open terrain. Get the full report and don't forget $30 afternoon tickets every Sunday. http://www.skiwildcat.com/snow-report/

Wildcat Mountain 04-12-2016 at 13:57:52

Sunny Sunday at The 'Cat. Read today's full report https://t.co/pgjB6mGK68 #wildcatsnowmaking https://t.co/pgjB6mGK68

Wildcat Mountain 03-12-2016 at 19:11:50

Wildcat Snowmaking powers forward. With optimal temps forecasted through the end of the week, our crew is piling it on.

Wildcat Mountain 03-12-2016 at 18:52:31

Snowmaking powers on! With optimal terms forecasted through the end of the week. #wildcatsnowmaking is piling it up… https://t.co/7wE7oIqCzX

Wildcat Mountain 03-12-2016 at 16:39:07

RT @trail_vibes: @skiwildcat making it happen #thankasnowmaker #thankagroomer #Happycaturday https://t.co/QWvkubXHpz

Wildcat Mountain 03-12-2016 at 16:28:35

Making turns down the most open vertical in New Hampshire.

Wildcat Mountain 03-12-2016 at 13:32:51

2" new snow! Adding Upper Polecat to the trail count! And still enjoying the most open vertical in NH! http://www.skiwildcat.com/snow-report/

Wildcat Mountain 02-12-2016 at 21:42:03

Tonorrow's Jib Jam event will not be held as our Operations team focuses their efforts on opening more terrain.