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dharris21 tracked 745m in 00:01:51 06-02-2018 at 03:10:15

Alpine ski
164,80m (22,12%)
Mean speed

dharris21 tracked 700m in 00:01:56 06-02-2018 at 03:02:24

Alpine ski
183,29m (26,19%)
Mean speed

dharris21 tracked 992m in 00:01:55 06-02-2018 at 03:02:21

Alpine ski
174,41m (17,58%)
Mean speed

dharris21 tracked 671m in 00:01:48 21-01-2018 at 03:43:59

Alpine ski
183,20m (27,29%)
Mean speed

Ski Sundown 30-12-2016 at 03:46:58

@B_Legitimus Tap Takeovers starting next Thurs (but you have a much appreciated early start!)

Ski Sundown 29-12-2016 at 23:17:43

Beautiful snowfall today! Happy skiers and riders enjoying sweet conditions! #wintermadebetter #shakingthesnowglobe

Ski Sundown 29-12-2016 at 19:39:55

Snow was still coming down at 1:30pm. #freshies #wintermadebetter

Ski Sundown 28-12-2016 at 13:38:08

Good morning! We are skiing and riding on 9 trails, with all lifts operating, from 8am - 10pm. The forecast for today is pleasant-partly sunny and a high of 37. For a full conditions report and trail count just head over to our conditions page: We have some events this weekend worth noting: ski in the New Year on New Year's Eve- lifts and trails open until midnight followed by the Ski Patrol torchlight parade! And, a DEMO DAY with Suburban Sports on Sat, Dec 31, 9am-3pm. They are bringing a huge fleet of major brands and reps to answer all your questions. Hit up for details!

Ski Sundown 27-12-2016 at 21:51:01

Park skiers and riders, get this on your calendar! The Tell A Friend Tour lands at Ski Sundown on Friday, January 13th from 3pm -8pm. Hit the parks with Andy Parry, Forster Meeks, Keegan Kilbride Charlie Dayton Kevin Merchant Sawyer Sellingham and Bobby Sullivan. Fun, prizes, pizza, the best!

Ski Sundown 27-12-2016 at 20:15:01

Here's hoping!! ❄️❄️

Ski Sundown 27-12-2016 at 17:49:15

Ski Sundown 27-12-2016 at 16:43:20

Ski Sundown 26-12-2016 at 23:05:38

Beautiful weather, and excellent conditions delivered by Team Awesome. You all provided the smiles, fun, and holiday spirit! Welcome back to Ski Sundown! #wintermadebetter

Ski Sundown 26-12-2016 at 22:28:44

@SamKantrow - ski or snowboard lesson at Sundown soon! You don't need to be brave! Pick a date! #wintermadebetter

Ski Sundown 26-12-2016 at 14:17:39

RT @KaitMcGrathNBC: Snow cloud over @SkiSundown this morning. What a sight to kick off the morning after Christmas! #MoreSnowPlease #Connec…

Ski Sundown 26-12-2016 at 12:00:50

Good morning! We hope you are enjoying an awesome holiday and ready to make some memories and mileage on our slopes! Temperatures overnight were ideal for Team Awesome snowmaking. Lifts are spinning from 8AM until 10PM, we are operating on our holiday lesson schedule, with pricing at everyday rates. Check out for conditions, lesson schedules, lift ticket and rental rates, and packages. Let our Welcome Center know if they can be helpful and 860-379-7669. #wintermadebetter

Ski Sundown 26-12-2016 at 05:34:18

@JamesFoley71 Awesome! Merry Christmas!

Ski Sundown 24-12-2016 at 17:22:40

@JamesFoley71 We have up to a size 15 Adult ski boots, size 14 Adult snowboard boots.

Ski Sundown 24-12-2016 at 16:13:11

Holiday Operating Hours: Christmas Eve 12/24: Closed Christmas 12/25: 6pm -10pm Mon 12/26-Fri 12/30: 8am-10pm New Year's Eve 12/31: 8am-Midnight New Year's Day 1/1: 8am-10pm Mon 1/2: 8am-10pm

Ski Sundown 24-12-2016 at 14:17:27

FOX-61 was all over the mountain yesterday, capturing your Opening Day experience! Thanks for coming out!

Ski Sundown 24-12-2016 at 03:08:32

RT @JennBNews: Woohoo! Skiers and snowboarders of all ages come out for opening day at @SkiSundown via

Ski Sundown 24-12-2016 at 03:05:33

Great vignette of Opening Day!

Ski Sundown 24-12-2016 at 02:20:07

Nothing like making the very first chair on Opening Day #iwasfirst #wintermadebetter #openingday…

Ski Sundown 23-12-2016 at 02:32:06

1 sleep until we open for the season! #thankasnowmaker #teamawesome #wintermadebetter

Ski Sundown 22-12-2016 at 05:22:54

RT @KaitMcGrathNBC: What better way to spend the first day of winter than at this wonderland? 2 more sleeps until @SkiSundown is open! http…

Ski Sundown 21-12-2016 at 21:25:44

Ski Sundown Opening Day: Friday, Dec. 23 2016 -

Ski Sundown 20-12-2016 at 18:45:01

@MattBianchi5 We open this Friday, 12/23, 9AM-10PM! Hope you can make it out!

Ski Sundown 20-12-2016 at 18:44:06

@BASS_GAWD Opening Day just happens to be Friday 12/23, 9am-10pm. Welcome home!

Ski Sundown 20-12-2016 at 18:42:49

OPENING DAY: FRIDAY, DEC 23. Lifts spinning from 9am - 10pm! Tag your FIRST CHAIR buddies! #wintermadebetter