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ilikeplanes tracked 43.888m in 04:07:51 14-01-2018 at 01:43:04

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Mt Hood Meadows 29-12-2016 at 22:46:26

Meadows in top three deepest snow depths in the country!

Mt Hood Meadows 29-12-2016 at 19:11:46

One of our lift maintenance team members catches a sunrise on one of the last few days of 2016. We look forward to lots of powder and bluebird days in 2017!

Mt Hood Meadows 28-12-2016 at 19:52:16

All three lots have filled. We are shuttling from Mt. Hood Town Hall in Parkdale and recommend taking I-84 to Hwy 35 to get there.

Mt Hood Meadows 28-12-2016 at 19:28:12

All parking lots are now full. Please park at Mt Hood Parkdale Town Hall for public shuttle.

Mt Hood Meadows 28-12-2016 at 18:43:35

Blue skies above, deep pow below. What more can you ask for? We are open until 9 PM tonight, come on up and ride! And don't forget, chains or traction tires are required. Get the most current information at

Mt Hood Meadows 28-12-2016 at 01:13:49

#snowing and blowing all day at #yourmountainhome 18" in 24 hours and still coming down! . . #mthoodmeadows #morefriendsonapowderday #mthood #snow #powder #pow #storm #snowboarding #ski #centripro #centriphone #gopro #goprosnow #hero5 @gopro

Mt Hood Meadows 27-12-2016 at 21:43:42

RT @TimForgot: Maz break @mthoodmeadows - wish you were here.

Mt Hood Meadows 27-12-2016 at 18:58:59

Purchase your Brew Year's Eve dinner package today - prices increase tomorrow and there is limited seating. The photo is from last year's spectacular dinner - the menu is for this year! Full Sail Brewing Company Dance Machine #happynewyear

Mt Hood Meadows 27-12-2016 at 18:34:47

Roads are slick and requiring chains or snow tires. Watch the transitions from slush to snowpack. @TripCheckPDX

Mt Hood Meadows 27-12-2016 at 16:34:33

Snowing hard 10" in 11 hours with another foot forecast.

Mt Hood Meadows 27-12-2016 at 16:18:41

10" of new snow in 11 hours and snowing hard!

Mt Hood Meadows 27-12-2016 at 15:27:41

RT @FollowWIN: You heard @shelbykatu say on @KATUNews, 'The snow isn't going to stop.' These totals will grow for #Snowboarding and #Skiing…

Mt Hood Meadows 27-12-2016 at 15:24:06

@FollowWIN @OregonDOT @KATUNews thank you for getting the word out about these road conditions and the need to have snow tires or chains.

Mt Hood Meadows 27-12-2016 at 05:49:20

Below average temps for Jan - Mar bodes well for powder days and deep snowpack!

Mt Hood Meadows 27-12-2016 at 04:36:50

RT @TimForgot: #Christmas thanks to all in the Hood: Cale ( and *everyone*) @mthoodmeadows, @evoPortland, @PortlandPolice and all of our bu…

Mt Hood Meadows 27-12-2016 at 02:31:55

RT @TimForgot: The leading edge of that big storm is here @mthoodmeadows. Loaded w/precip & lots o' wind. Tmo=epic pow. #ilovebigdumps http…

Mt Hood Meadows 27-12-2016 at 02:31:00

RT @Zaffino: The gifts keep coming! My Holiday POWDER ALERT here: #skior @TravelOregon @mtbachelor @skihood @timbe…

Mt Hood Meadows 26-12-2016 at 17:35:33

Our parking attendants look forward to meeting guests each morning, although this week that meeting will most likely be very brief. This is the busy season and our crew is focused on getting you parked as efficiently as possible, managing the incoming lines and getting you into your space. We appreciate you being prepared with snow tires or chains when needed, driving deliberately when in the cue to keep the line moving, fanning out as you approach your parking space and moving into your space safely yet swiftly. Our crew is especially grateful to see vehicles with three or more passengers. On these busy days we will be parking upwards of 2500 vehicles, in our three lots, all arriving in about a two hour period. If we reach capacity our attendants and signage will direct vehicles to our remote shuttle lot at the Mt. Hood Town Hall. They will also hold cars at the entrance to our lots as spaces become available from departing guests. It’s a dance and balance to provide parking spaces for everyone who wants to recreate during holiday breaks. But even on the insanely busy days, there is usually a moment to stand back, look around and see the beauty and wonder of the nature around us. It's all part of #MeadowsMountainLife.

Mt Hood Meadows 25-12-2016 at 22:52:22

Mt Hood Meadows 25-12-2016 at 17:49:24

Our holiday wishes for you are perfect groom, blue skies and quality time with friends and family. We are open 9 AM to 9 PM through January 1 with the exception of New Year's Eve when the lifts will turn until midnight.

Mt Hood Meadows 24-12-2016 at 19:28:35

Lifts will be closing today at 4 PM so we can all celebrate the evening with family and friends. But after tonight, we're open 9 AM - 9 PM every day and night through January 1, with extended hours until midnight New Year's Eve! Hette Olyano photo of Zach Maxwell.

Mt Hood Meadows 24-12-2016 at 00:55:57

#fbf to eariler this December. The #holidays are here, and there is #snow for all! Share your #meadowschristmasmemories . . .

Mt Hood Meadows 23-12-2016 at 21:01:31

Our Main lot has reopened. Parking is also available at HRM.

Mt Hood Meadows 21-12-2016 at 17:36:54

RT @SallyKOIN: Beautiful Wednesday morning on Mt. Hood! @mthoodmeadows

Mt Hood Meadows 18-12-2016 at 22:28:33

Thank you Tim for the reminder. Heather Canyon is now open from A-Zone down including the Accordian Bowl gate. Budd…