Holiday Mountain


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Holiday Mountain Just 4 hours ago

The Snowmaking crew's been busy.

Holiday Mountain 07-12-2016 at 21:14:10

Good news. We found the Carpet Lift. #stillshoveling

Holiday Mountain 07-12-2016 at 21:10:43

Good news. They found the Carpet. #stillshoveling

Holiday Mountain 07-12-2016 at 20:52:28

@michecurry Yes. Since Sunday night actually.

Holiday Mountain 07-12-2016 at 20:22:36

@johnsauderCBC Current Status = Still Shoveling. 32 cms in LaRiviere and counting. Photo taken 12:30 today.

Holiday Mountain 07-12-2016 at 19:38:34

Current Status = Still Shoveling. #mbstorm Photo taken Dec 7 at 12:30.

Holiday Mountain 07-12-2016 at 19:37:31

Current status = shoveling. Photo taken Dec 7 at 12:30. Yup, still snowing.

Holiday Mountain 06-12-2016 at 21:58:20

Still snowing. #bringiton #winterishere #abouttime

Holiday Mountain 06-12-2016 at 21:56:47

Holiday Mountain 06-12-2016 at 20:27:25

Give the Gift of Sport this Christmas with a Discover Package. $89 for a Lift ticket, set of rentals and 90 minute beginner lesson for Skiing or Snowboarding.

Holiday Mountain 06-12-2016 at 20:24:45

Give the Gift of Sport with a Discover Package. $89 for lift ticket, rentals, and beginner lessons. #takealesson

Holiday Mountain 05-12-2016 at 16:07:14

First World Problem - it's snowed too much on the Ski Resort. Love it! #jealous

Holiday Mountain 05-12-2016 at 00:09:25

Be still my beating heart, is that a Snow Storm in the forecast?

Holiday Mountain 03-12-2016 at 02:49:49

Definitely ready for the cold snap. Come on Old Man Winter - bring it !

Holiday Mountain 01-12-2016 at 20:46:56

HMR circa 1986. #throwbackthursday Brought to you by a newly discovered VHS tape.

Holiday Mountain 30-11-2016 at 16:07:44

Today is the last day to purchase your discounted Season Ticket. Passes are good every day all season with no restrictions! Bring the whole family for only $849.

Holiday Mountain 30-11-2016 at 15:58:47

This is it, the final countdown. Season Pass sale ends in 15 hours. Buy now & Ski more. #winterishere

Holiday Mountain 28-11-2016 at 15:21:03

Oh what a difference a day makes. First snowfall of the year. Stay tuned friends, it's about to get fun! #mbstorm

Holiday Mountain 28-11-2016 at 15:05:22

Winter has arrived. After waiting (not so) patiently, the first snowfall has finally hit us! Snowmaking weather in a couple of days, we are "almost" game on. Stay tuned friends, it's about to get fun.

Holiday Mountain 28-11-2016 at 03:42:48

That looks more like it! Bring on the snowmaking weather!

Holiday Mountain 25-11-2016 at 17:10:14

Buy early. Ski more. #livethedream Free Ski Days. #getoutside #winteriscoming

Holiday Mountain 25-11-2016 at 15:50:23

This photo makes me happy. #justLakeit

Holiday Mountain 24-11-2016 at 15:45:03

Holiday Mountain 23-11-2016 at 16:29:55

Holiday Mountain 21-11-2016 at 21:47:50

Coming to Holiday Mountain this winter!