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Big Boulder Just 6 hours ago

Apologies for the delay - it's been a busy AM! Tannenbaum & Freedom are up & running - 10-8p today w / $25 tickets - adding Love as a shreddable slope tomorrow, 10-8p once again w/ $40 tickets - #snowmaking is underway all over the resort - expect more trails & features to be added daily this week! #beboulder #jfbb

Big Boulder Just 18 hours ago

@PistenBullyUSA when we hit 100 RT's or mentions can we get some hoodie love? we'll live in that gear...

Big Boulder Just 18 hours ago

RT @tusnowboarding: Brass monkeys ftw

Big Boulder Yesterday at 01:02:13

@RafaAmanau easiest is to hit for all rates & scenarios - look forward to you visiting!

Big Boulder Yesterday at 01:01:45

@joshsweet11 hmm… honest answer, no - but ASAP - focus is the ski slopes currently, but soon we shift focus.. couple weeks? stay tuned!

Big Boulder Yesterday at 01:00:47

@CoadyClarhaut 2

Big Boulder Yesterday at 00:59:09

RT! - Sat & Sun - 10-8p w/ $25 tix, Freedom & Tannenbaum, Sun we add LOVE as a shreddable slope. Mon-Th 3-9p (norm…

Big Boulder Yesterday at 00:26:48

We've been pressing hard this week to get more terrain open for you - here's the scoop - 10-8p tomorrow & Sunday w/ $25 tickets, Freedom & Tannenbaum. 10-15 features on Freedom only. Sunday, we'll add Love as a shreddable trail only (features to come once we get more snow down). Remember, Monday, we move back to our regularly scheduled hours (3-9p M-Th) for the season. Need more info? has ALL the answers. Thanks for continuing to foster the stoke with us - see you soon! #beboulder

Big Boulder Yesterday at 14:50:51

Current Mood? Blizzard. Our SMI Snow Makers are working overtime, our PistenBullyUSA fleet is working hard to spread it around & Mother Nature is even chipping in with some natural snow in the air! Re-opening tomorrow 10-8p w/ $25 tix, exact trail offering TBA later today / tonight. Minimum of Freedom & Tannenbaum - #thankasnowmaker #beboulder

Big Boulder Yesterday at 01:20:35

Guns are in place, crews are on standby, just a few more degrees... tick, tock...

Big Boulder Yesterday at 01:18:23

Two more degrees... tick, tock...

Big Boulder 08-12-2016 at 23:11:58

Staging guns for the pending 'storm' - #snowmaking begins shortly!

Big Boulder 08-12-2016 at 18:09:03

Riders Mark Gama & @WesHeffernan got after it last weekend - this weekend, you can do the same - Sat & Sun 10-8p w/…

Big Boulder 08-12-2016 at 17:43:12

Click on over to the first edition of Snowboarder Magazine's Feature Presentation, you'll find a shot from Freedom Park towards the end of the slideshow; crews are anxiously watching the thermometers right now, for what looks to be an early event start up to #snowmaking - cross those fingers!

Big Boulder 08-12-2016 at 01:25:09

We're here & we're ready - #snowmaking is imminent, waiting as IMpatiently as we can! Check out post from this AM for the plan moving forward here at BBP #beboulder

Big Boulder 07-12-2016 at 20:07:39

@yashbhatt215 Sat & Sun are $25 - last weekend we were at $20

Big Boulder 07-12-2016 at 15:02:24

GO TIME - re-opening for the SEASON Sat & Sun 10-8p w/ $25 tix, Monday we start reg scheduled hrs, pricing TBA -…

Big Boulder 07-12-2016 at 14:29:00

As promised, here's the scoop: Cold temps are coming and we're going to absolutely pound BBP with snowmaking. With that said, we are going to remain closed Friday, to take advantage of every opportunity we can to expand & enhance our terrain. We'll re-open Saturday & Sunday 10-8pm w/ $25 tickets (yes - rentals, retail, all that - NO tubing, stay tuned on that). We'll move to our regularly schedule hours of 3-9p beginning this Monday through Thursday. Lift ticket pricing will reflect what we have open and are able to offer you. With single digit temps over night this coming week, things are going to change in a hurry around here. You ready? Because we sure are... #beboulder - spread the word!

Big Boulder 06-12-2016 at 23:41:52

It's snowing - how hyped are you? #twoplanktuesday

Big Boulder 06-12-2016 at 22:36:55

It's starting to snow on this #twoplanktuesday - who's hyped?

Big Boulder 06-12-2016 at 16:25:23

It's #twoplanktuesday & we've got all sights on the cold front & snowmaking temps at the end of the week. Re-openin…

Big Boulder 06-12-2016 at 13:22:18

Casey Arnold easing into #twoplanktuesday with his usual heavy dose of style - #bigboulderpark is closed the next few days so we can focus on #snowmaking preparations, we'll let you know what the plan is for the weekend when we know! #beboulder #jfbb #skitheeast #newschoolers

Big Boulder 06-12-2016 at 01:37:27

What a weekend / Monday! We're shutting down for a few days to focus on snowmaking later this week. Re-opening anno…

Big Boulder 05-12-2016 at 18:24:57

Let's do this : open tonight 3-9p w/ $20 tickets - day to day til we see what this forecast does, stay tuned!

Big Boulder 01-12-2016 at 21:41:49

@H_U_B_I_E @skiJFBB nah. No temps / conditions to work with