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Whitecap Alpine 29-11-2016 a les 21:06:40

http://www.powder.com/stories/powder-profile/christina-lustenberger/?utm_content=sf43896712&utm_medium=spredfast&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=Powder&sf43896712=1#5TSl3lvMpUZW7ojb.97 Ya Lusti. Good one But happy to also announce our new owner and lead guide, Lars Anderson

Whitecap Alpine 11-11-2016 a les 17:10:51

Partnering with Arc'teryx for this sweet trip. Think I might enter too...

Whitecap Alpine 30-10-2016 a les 18:35:45

Whitecap Alpine 29-10-2016 a les 15:30:00

Looking forward to another season of this. Smashing in tracks to spectacular places. #winter #exploremore #backcountry #winteriscoming #winterishere @g3gear @arcteryx

Whitecap Alpine 15-10-2016 a les 17:21:37

Knowing that it is likely now snowing like this at the lodge, brings equal parts excitement and panic. Excitement that winter seems like it has already arrived. Panic that it seems like winter has already arrived and I don't have my shit together and there are still a few spaces to fill at the lodge. #winter #winteriscoming #backcountry #snowglobe

Whitecap Alpine 08-10-2016 a les 23:28:43

This weather has got me feeling nostalgic about these Japanese Hallways #whitecapinternational #winter #japow #january #faceshots

Whitecap Alpine 27-09-2016 a les 16:34:46

Apres Japow. What makes a trip memorable is not always what you might expect. Characters in their element. Otto and Scott Shredding Kareoke. #winter #whitecapinternational #japow #skiing #japan #travel #adventure

Whitecap Alpine 15-09-2016 a les 17:51:37

SHAZAAM!!, Here is what we have been working on over the summer. A much needed refinement of our digital presence to represent what Whitecap really is. Curating the pursuit of sophisticated recreation. Winter, Summer, and International. Have a look and let us know what you think. http://whitecapalpine.ca/

Whitecap Alpine 08-06-2016 a les 18:34:20

A quick update. Whitecap and Whitecap International's site has has some hacking and funny business done to it. We are currently working on it and will have the 2016-17 schedule up and running asap. Please contact us directly at info@whitecapalpine.ca for trip details.

Whitecap Alpine 02-06-2016 a les 17:34:40

OH Japan, how I miss the embrace of you ample bosom. Winter 2016 @timregorr getting a big ol powy hug and snuggle #whitecapinternational #worktravel #japow #powder #faceshot

Whitecap Alpine 13-01-2012 a les 18:52:53

Open season! Great powder week - Jonathan Hayward pics made APtopix! http://t.co/1EqsZNpD Making waves in the news across the US and Europe.

Whitecap Alpine 24-01-2011 a les 20:03:40

A little cold smoke from last week http://ow.ly/i/7vl6 - credit to www.wrightmoment.com

Whitecap Alpine 20-01-2011 a les 22:07:05

Some footage to give you a different perspective .... http://ow.ly/3HrpO

Whitecap Alpine 11-01-2011 a les 23:23:09

Recent pic of the lodge. The best winter light is when the temp is low. http://ow.ly/i/79kG

Whitecap Alpine 06-01-2011 a les 18:37:19

Snowing hard at the lodge - heading out to ski the trees.

Whitecap Alpine 19-10-2010 a les 18:31:36

Working with @G3Gear again....looking forward to breaking in the Manhattans!

Whitecap Alpine 17-10-2010 a les 19:12:58

Some inspiring pictures from last year. http://ow.ly/2UMVm

Whitecap Alpine 17-10-2010 a les 19:09:44

@invoker hey how's it going?

Whitecap Alpine 17-10-2010 a les 19:06:54

Hi Everyone... Our first post on twitter! Follow us for powder updates... www.twitter.com/whitecapalpine