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White Pine 14-12-2016 a les 16:52:46

White Pine is not just a camp. It's our Home. #summer2017 #gettingexcited https://t.co/9SjW9turAt

White Pine 13-12-2016 a les 20:59:41

"It doesn't matter where you come from or where you're going. White Pine will always be here waiting." #summer2017 #gettingexcited #197days

White Pine 12-12-2016 a les 21:15:26

Winter has arrived at CWP! Stay tuned... We've got something very special to share with you tomorrow! ❄️☃

White Pine 07-12-2016 a les 21:18:30

CWP has the best sunsets! Thanks to David Stone for this awesome video. ☀️

White Pine 29-11-2016 a les 20:51:25

We're so excited to introduce our youngest camper of 2017! Congratulations to Clare, Jordan and big brother Carter Kadlovski on the birth of Harper Abraham. Can't wait to meet this little guy!

White Pine 30-09-2016 a les 17:18:21

He loves Boston Terriers, he's travelled the globe, and he has a laugh that fills a room. Happy 90th birthday to the king of camping! ❤️

White Pine 20-09-2016 a les 18:18:28

Our second month slideshow is now online!

White Pine 08-09-2016 a les 23:43:58

Nyquest's Dad and Me Camp is coming to CWP September 16-18! Find out more and register at https://www.nyquestcamps.com/dad-and-me-camp/

White Pine 08-09-2016 a les 19:22:39

White Pine 30-08-2016 a les 19:01:21

You saw her first in the Pinetages at CWP's Got Talent - now The Boss and the city of Chicago know what a talented singer Maddie Abbott is! https://youtu.be/O7ynZ_sods8

White Pine 17-08-2016 a les 18:05:44

Camp White Pine - it's Our Happy Place!

White Pine 07-07-2016 a les 19:22:40

Can't stop the feeling! https://t.co/8J9lAnKBi7

White Pine 10-02-2016 a les 15:35:03

Purple Dolphin Day! https://t.co/zDUhTS6Isw

White Pine 05-02-2016 a les 16:57:26

It's Friday. Rock on. https://t.co/80Pf2bO37E

White Pine 19-01-2016 a les 21:22:29

First-time camper Sophie wrote us this cute letter because she "can't wait to be in kiwis." #SummerCamp https://t.co/WFPbFL1lV3

White Pine 19-01-2016 a les 20:51:33

Build something awesome. #CampWhitePine #Summer2015 #SummerCamp https://t.co/rpJ97r1j8Q

White Pine 11-12-2015 a les 21:21:23

Keep warm thoughts of camp in your heart this winter! https://t.co/8zzkYR0fJv

White Pine 11-12-2015 a les 17:38:09

Cute baby alert! https://t.co/OrxlgTmo3A

White Pine 11-12-2015 a les 17:29:13

Under construction. #CampWhitePine #Infirmary https://t.co/x58yVFDFUb

White Pine 09-12-2015 a les 16:37:54

The new infirmary is not quite ready for sick parade, but we're getting there! https://t.co/oVD60WbF8b

White Pine 03-12-2015 a les 14:29:14

Who remembers hanging out at this old activity? #tbt https://t.co/0GXKrx3DGm

White Pine 02-12-2015 a les 19:59:13

RT @TsHaskell: #whitepinewednesdays Pottery Mural!! @campwhitepine https://t.co/BbNRMN15ba

White Pine 02-12-2015 a les 17:08:33

Camp isn't just for kids anymore! Sign up for one of Nyquest's great family programs today. https://t.co/a7l6UNzj1v https://t.co/a7l6UNzj1v

White Pine 02-12-2015 a les 17:01:43

Let's show some love to the mighty mighty Kiwis for today's #WhitePineWednesday! https://t.co/YNfsdsdHwb

White Pine 30-11-2015 a les 15:34:31

Let's keep those donations coming for @KidsRipple! #Kids4Kids #Charity #Toronto https://t.co/VYonJ8WarF