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Timberline 29-12-2016 a les 19:31:49

Our parking lots have reached capacity, the Mt. Hood Express is running all day and we will be allowing vehicles up as others leave.

Timberline 29-12-2016 a les 04:00:07

Tonight's sunset was amazing. https://t.co/5bWpjzO7Ed

Timberline 28-12-2016 a les 23:28:11

Timberline is looking for summer volunteers for Program, Kitchen, Front Desk, House Keeping and Facilities! Please check out the link posted for more details and information on how to apply. http://www.timberlinelodge.org/get-involved/work%20opportunities/get-involved-seasonal-positions.html

Timberline 28-12-2016 a les 19:21:46

There is so much good to be had today! #omht #timberlinetruth #timberlinelodge #powday https://t.co/RlWAD3V7ub

Timberline 28-12-2016 a les 16:54:12

14 inches of new snow, 20 degrees, and above the clouds. Today is going to be epic.

Timberline 28-12-2016 a les 00:33:45

RT @Zaffino: The gifts keep coming! My Holiday POWDER ALERT here: https://t.co/0xS0SeoYt8 #skior @TravelOregon @mtbachelor @skihood @timbe…

Timberline 28-12-2016 a les 00:33:20

RT @AnnieK42: @timberlinelodge A winter wonderland & snow playground. Perfection! https://t.co/qzlyhu9hTO

Timberline 28-12-2016 a les 00:33:12

RT @AnnieK42: @timberlinelodge Snow is comin' down for real...we are gonna hog it all to ourselves!! #beauty https://t.co/4bEVkynvnw

Timberline 23-12-2016 a les 21:51:58

RT @HannahSubaru: Want to win 2 free lift tickets to @timberlinelodge & @skibowl? Check out our Facebook for details on how to enter. https…

Timberline 23-12-2016 a les 21:51:39

RT @jackthomasJT: Took the cat up top today @timberlinelodge https://t.co/I7Bz3Gj4Bb

Timberline 23-12-2016 a les 21:51:33

RT @evanbellKATU: Snowing pretty steady up at @timberlinelodge, lots of people enjoying the great snowpack Mt Hood has received this year #…

Timberline 23-12-2016 a les 21:51:27

RT @evanbellKATU: Traffic moving just fine up the road to @timberlinelodge, do carry chains or traction tires though #LiveOnK2 https://t.co

Timberline 21-12-2016 a les 00:25:34

RT @PDX_food_drink: So much fun @timberlinelodge. Annual holiday get away & never fails to disappoint. Cold & snowy outside, warm inside. #…

Timberline 18-12-2016 a les 19:47:35

Cat skiing in Palmer today! https://t.co/uvTsSZQNDk

Timberline 18-12-2016 a les 03:14:20

Check out our store in @flypdx next time you're traveling. Story: https://t.co/M7YLcUZ7tt

Timberline 16-12-2016 a les 22:55:11

As part of the Winter Kick Off Party is a rail jam! More info: https://t.co/5gZXxHwrgt https://t.co/5gZXxHwrgt

Timberline 24-11-2016 a les 01:02:19

Wednesday Weekly Update! Thanksgiving is tomorrow and the snow is finally here. We want to wish a warm welcome to all the families that have traveled to Timberline for the holiday! Here is what we've been up to the last week.

Timberline 22-11-2016 a les 23:00:40

Do you know someone who needs to take a year out to study the the Bible, live in community, explore the outdoors, and serve the Lord in the mountains of Colorado? Tag them here and follow the link for details on our "Early Bird" promotion! http://www.timberlinelodge.org/bible-school/bible-school-dates-fees.html

Timberline 18-11-2016 a les 22:49:02

Halfway through the weekend at #nywc16, talking to youth workers about the opportunity for their students to attend Bible School as a gap-year. Come sit on our couches! . #torchbearersinternational #youthministry #gapyear @ravencrestchalet @hishill @portantorchas

Timberline 10-11-2016 a les 00:56:27

Wednesday Weekly Update! Warm weather has lead to a lot of time outside soaking up the sun before the snow falls, here is what we've been up to lately and a random group shot from our moab trip :)

Timberline 01-11-2016 a les 18:44:29

This winter, Torchbearers is going to be serving with Zane Black at the Dare2Share conferences around the country by helping run his booth (Lovin Life) and a Torchbearers International booth where we hope to share with attendees the opportunity of Bible School. If you’re interested in helping out at one of the booths, Please message me (Joseph Weissman) here on Facebook. Click the link or the photo to see that dates and cities where we will be! https://www.dare2share.org/unshakeable/#cities

Timberline 26-10-2016 a les 22:48:13

Wednesday weekly update! Fall is here and the students are settling in, check out some of the stuff we have been up to lately!

Timberline 18-10-2016 a les 18:39:45

We would love you to join us this winter season! We still have weekend retreats available February 3-5, February 10-12, and February 24-26. We also have spring break availability from March 16-March 31, 2017. Join us for the weekend or stay with us longer for a ski/snowboard trip! To inquire or make a reservation please contact our Guest Services Coordinator Emily Kearns at emilyk@timberlinelodge.org or 970-726-8850 ext. 204.

Timberline 29-09-2016 a les 17:37:06

Timberline 26-08-2016 a les 18:14:55

This goofy staff and our families can't wait to meet this years students in just a couple weeks! We are spending a few days preparing and praying for their arrival on our staff retreat this week. Join us in praying for our incoming class and what the Lord will do this fall in and through our community. #torchbearers #tlbibleschool #gapyear #bibleschool #mtelimbiblecamp #staffretreat