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Teton Pass Ski Area 30-12-2016 a les 00:19:01

Since we missed the Vintage Skiwear Contest this last Tuesday, how about we help ring in the New Year with a little old gear? This Saturday (New Year's Eve), we will have live music at 4 PM by the Loose Mules, a Torchlight Parade and Fireworks at 6:30 PM, AND a Vintage Ski Wear Contest (all day long . . . )!

Teton Pass Ski Area 29-12-2016 a les 14:29:09

The plus side to closing down for two days? We now have 9 - 11" of FRESH POWDER!! We are re-opening today, and will be open for the rest of the holidays through January 2. Our base is 34 - 40" with powder and groomed conditions. 19 degrees, clear, and calm. Thanks again for all the help and understanding. Ya-hoo!

Teton Pass Ski Area 29-12-2016 a les 01:52:55

Success! We have power, and everything seems to be operating as normal. While we are confident in our fix, keep in mind that we did change out a major component so fingers crossed. We are planning to open back up tomorrow (Thursday, 29th) at 9:30am. The conditions are absolutely fantastic right now! Another 4-6 inches in the last 24 hours. I would like to thank a few key players who helped out tremendously in our time of need. Mark Gray of Alternative Energy Systems for helping us diagnose the problem with our generator. Tractor and Equipment (T&E) out of Great Falls for renting us a unit. #dougweist and #connorcrary for transporting the rental generator, the Teton Pass crew who have been working around the clock to get the wheels back on this powder train, and lastly a big thanks to our loyal powder hounds who have been eagerly checking in all week to find out the latest news. We sincerely appreciate your patience!

Teton Pass Ski Area 28-12-2016 a les 23:27:34

Progress! We are hooked up to the rental generator, and now have power to the lodge and other buildings. The next step is to test the chairlift and the conveyor lift to make sure that we have the 3 phases correct for proper rotation of the motors. Once we get that right, we can test under full load to make sure the rental generator will handle it. Stay tuned! We're getting there!

Teton Pass Ski Area 28-12-2016 a les 03:57:36

Tuesday Evening Update: We are still working on our mechanical problem and will remain CLOSED tomorrow (Wednesday, 28th). Our main power source (350kW diesel generator) has an issue on the electrical end. We have a generator mechanic coming up from Great Falls tomorrow to dig deeper and diagnose the problem. At this point while we are waiting to find the fix, our plan is to rent a similar sized diesel generator from Great Falls and transport it up here tomorrow (Wednesday, 28th). We will then work to get it wired up and tested under load. If all goes well, we will have some positive updates by the end of the day tomorrow. Stayed tuned. We appreciate your patience, and will update everyone once we have made some progress. Keep in mind this is not a small fix, and may take some time.

Teton Pass Ski Area 27-12-2016 a les 13:58:09

Sorry folks, but we are CLOSED until further notice due to mechanical problems (Our generator is not functioning as of 10:30pm on 12/26/16). We will keep you posted with updates.

Teton Pass Ski Area 26-12-2016 a les 14:30:36

Looking for a little post-Christmas cheer? We have 3 inches of fresh since Saturday with powder, packed powder and groomed conditions. Our base is 28 - 34" and it is currently 16 degrees, partly cloudy and winds 10 - 15 MPH. Also, tomorrow is our Vintage Ski Wear Contest, plus live music by The Crawford Bros. Band at 3 PM!

Teton Pass Ski Area 24-12-2016 a les 14:29:18

Happy Holidays from Teton Pass! We received one inch of new snow overnight and more is in the forecast for today and tonight! We have a 28 - 33" base with powder, packed powder, and groomed conditions. It is 22 degrees and overcast with light winds. We are closing today at 3 PM for Christmas Eve.

Teton Pass Ski Area 23-12-2016 a les 14:16:23

Get your holiday break started off right . . . we've got 6 to 10" of fresh on a fab base of 30 - 35" and more snow on the way! Powder and groomed slopes. It is currently 20 degrees and partly cloudy with light winds.

Teton Pass Ski Area 22-12-2016 a les 16:11:01

No coal for us this year . . . 6 - 10" of beautiful new holiday POWDER! And more on the way in the next few day. We've got a solid 30 - 35" base with powder and groomed conditions. Open every day during the holidays from December 23 - January 2 except Christmas day! Thanks Steve Wolff for sweet photo.