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Tanglwood 16-11-2010 a les 19:25:50

I am sad to announce that Tanglwood will not be opening for the 2010-2011 ski season. The sale of the property is still under negotiations and will not be ready for skiing this winter. It is anticipated that plans will be in the works for 2011 season. Thank you to everyone for making last season one of the greatest.

Tanglwood 10-08-2010 a les 20:53:36

Plans for winter are underway...Season Pass Sales will begin the end of September.

Tanglwood 04-05-2010 a les 17:48:39

We are sorry to announce that the zoning for Blooming Grove Township does not permit us to host the T-Wood Summer daycamp for the 2010 summer. We apologize for any inconvienences that this may have caused.

Tanglwood 06-04-2010 a les 18:17:11

New this summer at Tanglwood...Camp T-Wood !! Available for 1st-6th graders and will begin weekly sessions on June 21st. Registration starts May 1st. Call 570-226-9780 for more information.

Tanglwood 29-03-2010 a les 19:23:45

We are sorry to announce that the snowmobile race scheduled for Saturday has been cancelled. We look forward to racing next season earlier in the year.

Tanglwood 22-03-2010 a les 16:40:56

Skiing is over for the season :(...but don't miss the the snowmobile races on April 3rd. Race start at 10am. Please check out our website for more details. An awesome band will be playing in the lodge 7pm-11pm

Tanglwood 12-03-2010 a les 18:40:57

Due to the rain Mother Nature is spilling on us, the ski area will be closed March 12-14 and we will hopefully be open the following weekend. Please check back for updates. The bar will be open on Saturday, March 13 for DJ Billy O!!!

Tanglwood 05-03-2010 a les 16:14:08

Tanglwood 05-03-2010 a les 16:08:15

Big Air and Rail Jam

Tanglwood 27-02-2010 a les 14:28:02

Today is Winter Carnival!!! Come out and join in on the fun activities plan. Just a reminder...snowtubing will be closed for the 3-5pm session for our annual cardboard sled races