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Pyrenees Heliski 15-12-2016 a les 01:14:53

Impressive scenic flight, snowshoeing in the best scenario..and finishing at Moet Winter Lounge,Baqueira.. What more could you ask for? Thanks Kabi Mountain Guides Company for organize it!! Salomon Freeski Salomon

Pyrenees Heliski 12-12-2016 a les 01:32:48

Days of training for our Montain Guides. Refresh in avalanche safety: Stability test, snow profiles.. A procedures used to estimate the stability of the snowpack, often done in a snowpit.

Pyrenees Heliski 06-12-2016 a les 14:34:09

@CatalanVoices @aralleida @PyreneesHeliski

Pyrenees Heliski 01-12-2016 a les 10:48:26

Se rappelant la visite de Les frères Falquet AKA Huck and Chuck , Jean-yves Michellod e Jé Heitz :) aux Val d' Aran.

Pyrenees Heliski 29-11-2016 a les 19:03:11

Regala formación en prevención de riesgos de avalancha!!

Pyrenees Heliski 25-11-2016 a les 23:22:03

Shhhh the season is coming!! with Salomon Freeski & Salomon Snowboards

Pyrenees Heliski 24-11-2016 a les 23:11:47

Pyrenees Heliski 23-11-2016 a les 03:37:17

Our fully qualified UIAGM-AEGM mountain guides have a wealth of heliskiing experience in the region and come from Spain,France and Switzerland.We operate exclusively with Squirrel B3+ provided by the Spanish company TAF helicopters for our heliski operation. Their pilots and mechanics have a great deal of heliskiing experience and ensure the optimal safety and efficiency of our operation. We follow strictly the Heliskiing International Standards.

Pyrenees Heliski 20-11-2016 a les 23:53:06

Thank you Enrique Ribas Lasso y Revista NIX for this amazing article!!

Pyrenees Heliski 20-11-2016 a les 23:42:38

Pyrenees Heliski 06-11-2016 a les 20:55:51

THE SNOW HAS ARRIVED TO THE PYRENEES! Can´t wait to glide through this winter´s first snow covered peaks? Stay tuned for this season novelties in Pyrenees Heliski, we promise to amaze!

Pyrenees Heliski 19-08-2016 a les 18:28:44

Yesssss!!! estamos en ello ;)))) @borjavaldes @SergedeAran @doug_basquemtb @antonio_abarcan

Pyrenees Heliski 09-02-2016 a les 11:53:45

@PyreneesHeliski One of the 6 best places to do heliski. by @SnowMagazineUK

Pyrenees Heliski 07-02-2016 a les 20:09:16

@borjavaldes gracias por tus comentarios! un fuerte abrazo!

Pyrenees Heliski 04-02-2016 a les 13:07:33

@PyreneesHeliski con @comandoactualidad en @tve, Muchas gracias!

Pyrenees Heliski 31-01-2016 a les 19:33:10

@Kabi_Travels @MarkOliver_ @TheSkiClub a pleasure to ski with you!

Pyrenees Heliski 31-01-2016 a les 19:29:53

@Kabi_Travels @MarkOliver_ @PyreneesHeliski @TheSkiClub

Pyrenees Heliski 29-01-2016 a les 22:27:13

RT @Kabi_Travels: Beautiful ski days with the @TheSkiClub Team in @baqueira_beret @Val_dAran

Pyrenees Heliski 24-01-2016 a les 18:06:19

RT @lugaresdenieve: Powder: Heliskí en el Valle de Arán, nunca el paraíso estuvo tan cerca

Pyrenees Heliski 20-01-2016 a les 14:06:25

RT @lugaresdenieve: Arvas, sondas, palas y todo lo que necesitas para salir de pistas con seguridad

Pyrenees Heliski 20-01-2016 a les 14:05:32

RT @jkspacionatural: Con la Nieve Polvo que hay ahora en Valle de Arán, Are U Ready 4 Heliski? @PyreneesHeliski htt…

Pyrenees Heliski 17-01-2016 a les 15:13:09

Pyrenees Heliski - Heliski, Valle de Aran vía @YouTube

Pyrenees Heliski 16-01-2016 a les 11:18:04

El Helirando combina un descenso de heliski, una o varias subidas con pieles de foca y sus descensos ¿Te animas?

Pyrenees Heliski 15-01-2016 a les 12:21:54

RT @jkspacionatural: Volando voy volando vengo y entre medias esquiada que me pego @PyreneesHeliski en Val d Arán h…

Pyrenees Heliski 15-01-2016 a les 12:20:18

RT @atomic: Inside Team Hirscher - watch our brand new clip: