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Purgatory Fa 4 hores

Our office view. ❄️

Purgatory Ahir a les 01:32:54

@gldnrul @Stmworks next Friday!

Purgatory Ahir a les 01:21:38

@Stmworks 's Kris on the mountain today for Bar Hop Fridays. Find him at various bars across the mountain, and he j… https://t.co/fMymK1mJ6y

Purgatory Ahir a les 22:10:20

Last clue alert for our #HappyHopsHunt! Clue #8 Upper Demon -- skiers' right.

Purgatory Ahir a les 20:47:10

RT @BDAnderson25: I can't get enough of this view @skipurg. #winterrules #livingthedream https://t.co/sHJ5Vq5e75

Purgatory Ahir a les 20:46:59

RT @WarchildTech: #fbf 2002 #snowboarding #snow #snowboard Airing out @skipurg https://t.co/l5O9Lb300K

Purgatory Ahir a les 20:46:55

RT @FLCDurango: Rachel is the winner of this week's SnapToIt and a prize pack from @skipurg! https://t.co/GKg9ojN4oU

Purgatory Ahir a les 20:01:11

Clue #7 Westfork -- skiers' right #HappyHopsHunt

Purgatory Ahir a les 19:45:25

Clue #6 Mercy -- skiers' right #HappyHopsHunt

Purgatory Ahir a les 19:01:26

Clue #5 Sa's Psyche -- skiers' left #HappyHopsHunt

Purgatory Ahir a les 18:25:11

Clue #4 Westfork -- skiers' left #HappyHopsHunt

Purgatory Ahir a les 17:35:14

Clue #3 El Diablo -- skiers' left #HappyHopsHunt

Purgatory Ahir a les 17:01:19

Clue #2 Mercy -- skiers' left #HappyHopsHunt

Purgatory Ahir a les 16:10:28

Clue #1: Lower Demon -- skiers' right #HappyHopsHunt

Purgatory Ahir a les 15:40:27

#HappyHopsHunt clues are heading your way this morning!!!

Purgatory 29-11-2016 a les 04:23:22

Storm total is 14" and it's still coming down! Thanks @lenny2005x for the photo! #welovesnow #powder #skipurg

Purgatory 28-11-2016 a les 05:00:49

Here are some of our favorite shots by Scott D W Smith from today's powder day. The storm total was 14" and more is in the forecast for tonight! For conditions: http://ow.ly/7lcd306zsvX

Purgatory 27-11-2016 a les 21:14:02

14" and it's still dumping. #powderday #freshies #powpow

Purgatory 23-11-2016 a les 04:06:48

Our passholder, Brian Martinez, snapped this snowy picture today. He got in 130 days last season and has skied every day since we've opened! #gameon #goals #mountains #snow

Purgatory 22-11-2016 a les 16:00:26

17" of #snow from this storm and it's still coming down! For open terrain, lift tickets and more: http://ow.ly/CJko306q0ZU #powderday #snow #coloRADo

Purgatory 22-11-2016 a les 02:43:34

We received a FOOT of #snow today and the forecast calls for 7" tonight! For details on what terrain will be open tomorrow, please check our snow report. http://ow.ly/WpK2306oV1F

Purgatory 21-11-2016 a les 17:17:11

Winter is here! Photo by our rockstar Ticket Office Manager, Britton Layman.

Purgatory 21-11-2016 a les 17:03:19

6" of #snow on a Monday morning? Yes please. Don't forget we're open daily! #thanksullr #snowdance

Purgatory 20-11-2016 a les 01:31:41

Purgatory is now open for the 2016-2017 ski season! We started the season off in a unique way, offering skiing and mountain biking. Here are a few of our favorite photos from today.

Purgatory 19-11-2016 a les 14:43:06

Opening Day is today! Choose to bike and/or ski today. Lift 1 & 2 open 1-5pm for skiing and Lift 4 opens 9-4 for bikes. Some of OUR favorite activities all in one day! Live music at Powderhouse at 1:30. Both ski and bike lifts open 9-4pm tomorrow. Take advantage of this Southwest Colorado experience!