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Haystack Fa 4 hores

Huge thanks to Michael Cavanaugh and his band for the amazing show they put on tonight in the Hermitage Clubhouse Great Room . . . and also for going along with our #MannequinChallenge. If you weren't able to make it tonight you should definitely catch Michael in concert next chance you get. He'll be performing with the Sarasota Orchestra in Sarasota, NY on January 20 and 21. More info: http://michaelcavanaugh.com

Haystack Fa 6 hores

Michael Cavanaugh show about to start!

Haystack Fa 12 hores

For News Years weekend the Hermitage Club is thrilled to welcome Chef Ben Robinson from Bravo's hit TV show Below Deck. Chef Ben will be doing cooking demonstrations, meeting members and participating in a cooking challenge with our own Chris Bonnivier. As an exclusive benefit, Club members can hire Chef Ben to prepare a personal meal in their own home. Learn more at hermitageclub.com/ben

Haystack Fa 15 hores

@JesseJbirdman Superb. Lightly snowing now. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Haystack Fa 18 hores

With the first skiers down the mountain, we are officially open for the season! hermitageclub.com

Haystack Fa 18 hores


Haystack Ahir a les 05:05:52

Our first snow report of the season is online. Last Chance, Upper Dutchman, Footloose, Rt 100 South, Scarecrow and Rocker will all be open for our first day. http://hermitageclub.com/snow-report

Haystack Ahir a les 19:55:35

Snowing slightly now around Deerfield Valley #VT - very apropos for day before Opening Weekend

Haystack Ahir a les 17:29:15

Thank you Vermont and @govpetershumlin! It has been a wonderful five years. #privateskiing… https://t.co/rsXO5fwoTH

Haystack Ahir a les 15:11:21

From great skiing to an amazing concert, our fifth annual Opening Weekend has something for everyone . . . http://hermitageclub.com/opening-weekend-5-years . . . so bring a friend with you! To show our appreciation and to celebrate the opening of our season, we're excited to offer our "Bring a Friend" package for $149 per night (plus tax). This fantastic opportunity is for new reservations only, and space is limited. For more information or to book your room call 802-464-4300 or email our Central Reservations team at central.reservations@hermitageclub.com

Haystack 08-12-2016 a les 03:42:27

Star of Bravo's Below Deck, @BenRobinsonChef, is coming to the Hermitage Club #NewYear weekend →… https://t.co/HJZmLjkqxs

Haystack 07-12-2016 a les 22:38:34

Headed into our fifth anniversary season at the Hermitage Club with fresh snow, a great forecast and a full schedul… https://t.co/3f7kUP4krb

Haystack 07-12-2016 a les 22:22:45

Tony took a short trip up the Mountain to check on trail conditions. After 4" of fresh snow already this week and prime snowmaking weather, we're looking great heading into opening weekend. This will be our fifth anniversary season. Looking forward to seeing you on the hill! http://hermitageclub.com #skivt #haystackmountain #privateclub #hermitageclub #freshsnow #snowreport

Haystack 06-12-2016 a les 03:39:35

Between fresh snow & snowmaking we can't wait for Friday. See a full lineup of opening weekend activities here →… https://t.co/SYZXycSqic

Haystack 06-12-2016 a les 03:16:38

So great to have some natural snow on top of great snowmaking conditions in anticipation of our fifth anniversary season! Can wait to start spinning the lifts on Friday. See you on the slopes.

Haystack 05-12-2016 a les 02:44:05

Snowmaking is going gangbusters. Natural snow forecast for Monday. Opening weekend here we come → https://t.co/KHaSAjbsRv #SoReady

Haystack 05-12-2016 a les 02:38:58

Haystack 05-12-2016 a les 02:35:35

Snowmaking is in full force at the Hermitage Club. Plus, the forecast is calling for some natural snow on Monday and the potential for more throughout the week. Add that all up and we expect some of our favorite trails will be ready for opening weekend including Upper Dutchman, Flying Dutchman, Last Chance, Footloose, Jennifer's Run, Rt. 100 South, Scarecrow and Rocker. Get the latest → http://hermitageclub.com

Haystack 05-12-2016 a les 02:23:13

Are you a member planning to come up to the Club for opening weekend? To help us plan better for our first full weekend with valet parking, rentals and full food operation at the Clubhouse please help us plan efficiently by letting us know how many in total will be in your group on this web page below. Thank you. hermitageclub.com/opening-weekend-member-count

Haystack 03-12-2016 a les 15:06:45

"Movin' Out" star Michael Cavanaugh live at our Clubhouse → https://t.co/F96x8G6sJ4 ← tickets available for memb… https://t.co/F96x8G6sJ4

Haystack 24-11-2016 a les 02:36:06

Why wait for December? We're open for (very limited) skiing this weekend → https://t.co/jq3ZTjsqTr #WinterIsHere… https://t.co/jq3ZTjsqTr

Haystack 18-11-2016 a les 18:33:05

What You Need to Know About Vermont’s 2016-17 Ski Season → https://t.co/Ny63nAEbVh #WinterIsComing #Ski #Vermont https://t.co/Ny63nAEbVh

Haystack 12-11-2016 a les 14:26:55

A white trail on our private Vermont mountain after 60 snow guns started firing yesterday eve. #WinterIsComing https://t.co/35vVKIYHPN

Haystack 10-11-2016 a les 15:29:32

Proud to offer 40% off on a meal for veterans at the White House Inn tomorrow → https://t.co/BrqLNHGDra… https://t.co/BrqLNHGDra…

Haystack 09-11-2016 a les 13:18:28

Winter WOW → https://t.co/AQNKJcPmTi ← The Hermitage Club's private skiing a "spluge-worthy" experience