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Cascade Mountain 27-12-2016 a les 23:54:19

Cascade Mountain will be open until midnight for New Year's Eve, with the NYE Throwdown Rail Jam at 6PM, and fireworks at 8. Come bring in the New Year with your friends and family at Cascade!

Cascade Mountain 27-12-2016 a les 16:49:48

Cascade Mountain 25-12-2016 a les 19:58:47

Merry Christmas from Cascade Mountain!

Cascade Mountain 18-12-2016 a les 00:44:48

A quick iPhone video in case you missed the first few chairs today on the New Cindy Pop Express!

Cascade Mountain 17-12-2016 a les 21:23:52

It's a beautiful day at Cascade. Fresh snow, smiling faces, and the Cindy Pop Express is OPEN!

Cascade Mountain 09-12-2016 a les 00:56:34

See you in the morning!

Cascade Mountain 03-12-2016 a les 19:14:36

Even better news! Cascade Mountain will be open on Friday, December 9th, from 9am to 4:30pm, with 8 trails, 2 lifts, and a terrain park in Tube Town. We will then open up with regular season hours starting on Saturday the 10th. Lift tickets will be night prices until further notice.

Cascade Mountain 03-12-2016 a les 15:45:39

Great news: we made some snow overnight, we will hopefully get a couple inches of natural in the next 24 hours, and we're looking at some nice snowmaking weather next week. Long range snow forecast is looking goooood.

Cascade Mountain 26-11-2016 a les 23:14:02

Check it out, we have chairs moving on the Cindy Pop Express today!

Cascade Mountain 25-11-2016 a les 14:57:49

Cascade Mountain's Black Friday Sale starts now!

Cascade Mountain 31-05-2016 a les 17:12:58

New Twitter handle for us @cascademountain

Cascade Mountain 23-05-2016 a les 22:36:26

Who else is excited to ski and ride these new trails this year?

Cascade Mountain 20-05-2016 a les 17:00:02

You can just barely see the top of the Cindy Pop lift in the background of this picture- as it stands currently....

Cascade Mountain 19-05-2016 a les 22:30:28

Here's a couple pictures of the tentatively titled Run 14, with the City of Portage in the background. This will...

Cascade Mountain 18-05-2016 a les 21:45:40

We're making room for the new Cindy Pop Express!

Cascade Mountain 13-05-2016 a les 21:31:48

You'll be skiing and riding on new trails and new lifts this year!

Cascade Mountain 13-05-2016 a les 17:47:18

I see there are no more chairs or a cable on the Cindy Pop lift. Lots of work going on over there, including tree...

Cascade Mountain 12-03-2016 a les 19:12:42

Cascade is closing for the season today- Saturday. You have until 5pm today to enjoy the slopes at Cascade! 30 of...

Cascade Mountain 09-03-2016 a les 22:44:43

Cascade announcement: updated hours for this week. Thursday & Friday: closed Saturday: 9am to 5pm Sunday: 9am to...

Cascade Mountain 08-03-2016 a les 21:55:14

Now through the rest of the season, everything in the shop is 25% off!

Cascade Mountain 07-03-2016 a les 16:57:39

Still have that itch to get out in the nice March weather? Cascade still has 100% trails open today. Come out and...

Cascade Mountain 05-03-2016 a les 22:10:02

With the warm weather forecast we are reducing our hours for the upcoming week to conserve snow coverage. Hours...

Cascade Mountain 05-03-2016 a les 18:16:38

Rail comp starts at 1!

Cascade Mountain 04-03-2016 a les 23:13:40

MWO / Cascade Carnival tomorrow!

Cascade Mountain 02-03-2016 a les 16:47:43

It's a great morning to be here.