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Cannon Mountain 29-12-2016 a les 23:56:53

Up to 5" as of report time (4pm) and a foot plus is still in the cards for Friday. Check the report in the am and make plans for Cannon this weekend!

Cannon Mountain 29-12-2016 a les 15:30:36

We've got a steady wind up here in the Notch today and currently we only have the Zoomer, Peabody, Tuckerbrook & Brookside chairs running for access to mid & lower mountain. With no access to the upper mountain right now we're offering you 2-for-$75 tickets today. Check the snow report this afternoon for updates on snow and weather

Cannon Mountain 28-12-2016 a les 20:26:40

An inch of new snow has landed already this afternoon and it's getting people excited for the next few days with 1-2 feet predicted from the upcoming storm. Check the snow report often for updates on weather & conditions

Cannon Mountain 28-12-2016 a les 16:39:27

Looks like Cannon is in the dark purple sweet spot. Let's hope the hype is real

Cannon Mountain 27-12-2016 a les 18:37:34

New Hampshire Residents - head to Cannon Wednesday with your NH ID and get a $25 ticket - YES even during vacation week!

Cannon Mountain 24-12-2016 a les 23:00:11

It snowed hard for a while today @ Cannon and we picked up an inch or so - maybe a little more up top, but we'll take it! Cannon will be closed for Christmas Day and we wish you all a happy holiday. We'll be open on Monday and hope you come ski and ride Cannon this holiday week - 63 trails and glades are expected...

Cannon Mountain 23-12-2016 a les 16:23:20

Tram is open! #cannonismine

Cannon Mountain 22-12-2016 a les 21:39:02

The snow keeps coming and Cannon Kids both young and old are loving it. 2-3" today and more expected through the weekend. Conditions really bounced back today and everything should groom up nicely tonight. It's shaping up to be a fantastic Holiday vacation week!

Cannon Mountain 21-12-2016 a les 21:53:24

It's piling up on Baron's Run - look for the Mittersill Double Chair to open as soon as this weekend!

Cannon Mountain 19-12-2016 a les 17:51:00

Mittersill is getting the works this week. We've started the big push out on Taft Training Slope and snowmaking is live on Baron's, Skyline and Ridge Run PLUS Paulie's Folly, Gremlin and Brookside on main mountain.