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Calabogie Fa 9 hores

Big day tomorrow, the one we've been waiting for. Has anyone seen my bowtie? #OpeningDay

Calabogie Fa 9 hores

RT @BeaverCup: Looking for bands & musicians to play LIVE @ #BeaverCup #PondHockey Classic. Feb 10-12 @CalabogiePeaks. Email featurefestiva…

Calabogie Fa 13 hores

RT @SarahFreemark: The big news from @CalabogiePeaks: I'm back as their #SnowAmbassador and the slopes open TOMORROW!!! @CTVOttMornLive htt…

Calabogie Fa 14 hores

RT @RyanWhetung: @calabogiepeaks is open for #skiing tomorrow! It's great to see them use photos that were taken…

Calabogie Fa 15 hores

RT @ontariokevin: Here's the latest #SkiResorts open tomorrow! @CalabogiePeaks @MtStLouis @HorseshoeResort @hvhsa @SirSamsSkiArea with @Ski…

Calabogie Fa 17 hores

RT @gregory_rosser: So @CalabogiePeaks opens this weekend

Calabogie Fa 19 hores

Calabogie Fa 19 hores

The news you've all been waiting for is here... THE MOUNTAIN IS OPEN THIS WEEKEND!! #openforbusiness #winter2017…

Calabogie Fa 19 hores

The news you've all been patiently waiting for is here... THE MOUNTAIN IS OPEN THIS WEEKEND!!

Calabogie Ahir a les 16:38:09

The Snowmaking team is hard at work getting trails ready for this weekend. Get your gear ready!…

Calabogie Ahir a les 16:26:10

24 hours until the full announcement with @sarahfreemark #winter2017 #calabogiepeaks #calabogie…

Calabogie Ahir a les 16:19:10

25-snow gun salute is underway on Ole K&P, Jackladder, O'Briens, and the Beginner Bowl. (December 5,

Calabogie Ahir a les 16:17:29

Once the snow starts falling and the guns are pumping, it doesn't take long to lay down a base coat

Calabogie Ahir a les 16:16:20

Calabogie Ahir a les 16:12:48

The perfect gift for the Peaks fans in the family. Or at work, school, even the guy on the bus who shares ski stories with you. Available online and good for anywhere on the Resort.

Calabogie Ahir a les 16:07:42

Nothing says "I didn't forget you" (even when you did) like Calabogie Peaks gift cards. Good for anywhere onsite.

Calabogie 07-12-2016 a les 22:21:06

RT @SarahFreemark: What's in my future at @CalabogiePeaks & @CTVOttMornLive? Find out #Friday

Calabogie 07-12-2016 a les 03:05:55

RT @frasersimons: Pls share: if you like sports narratives stories then you may just like, Young at Heart!! Now live @…

Calabogie 06-12-2016 a les 15:28:52

Calabogie 05-12-2016 a les 18:46:13

There's a 21 snow gun salute going on today. See it live on our web cams (

Calabogie 05-12-2016 a les 15:30:04

Calabogie 02-12-2016 a les 19:57:20

New Year's Eve is coming up soon and it wouldn't be the same without our annual New Year's Eve party with One Night Stand, including dancing, a midnight toast, and fireworks on the mountain. Combine it with our Canthooks 5 course dinner for a full night. Literally.

Calabogie 01-12-2016 a les 15:30:54

Whitewater Brewing Co. and Canthooks Restaurant are hosting our 2nd Brewmaster's Dinner on December 16th. Our Executive Chef, Tristan Hertzog, and Whitewater's Chris Thompson will spark your taste buds with their combinations with brews like Farmer's Daughter, Class V, and Jack Frost's Demise.

Calabogie 30-11-2016 a les 14:17:29

Here's a run designed for super experts only...

Calabogie 26-11-2016 a les 16:14:00

Some great ski quotes to get us pumped this weekend.