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Burke Mountain 30-12-2016 a les 02:34:00

In case you haven't looked out your window in a while....it's still snowing and really starting to pick up here in Burke!

Burke Mountain 29-12-2016 a les 21:25:45

Winter Storm Fortis has arrived and has no plans of leaving anytime soon! Tomorrow is going to be a big day so be sure to get after it early!

Burke Mountain 29-12-2016 a les 19:21:22

Winter storm Fortis has arrived!

Burke Mountain 29-12-2016 a les 14:31:13

Feels like snow is on it's way! #winterstormfortis

Burke Mountain 28-12-2016 a les 22:06:08

The fun doesn't end when the lifts stop spinning! Check out the Burke Mountain events page online for a full rundown of holiday week event fun! TONIGHT we've got sledding on the slopes from 5-7pm at the base lodge, Live Music with Bobbie and Me in The View Pub from 5-8pm. TOMORROW, check out Owl Moon with Oberon the Owl at the new hotel, and then party all weekend with apres-ski music Saturday in Bear Den at Burke followed by the All Mountain New Year's Eve at Burke! Wrap up the weekend with a recovery New Year's Day brunch on Sunday at Willoughby's. For more info, check out the full slate of events on the website: http://skiburke.com/events-and-activities/event-calendar/

Burke Mountain 27-12-2016 a les 21:17:13

Oh yea. Burke is in the red...in a good way!

Burke Mountain 27-12-2016 a les 14:46:48

Soft turns warm(er) December day? Sure, why not. If you're thinking it's a washout that is certainly not the case. Snow making finished on Upper Dipper, got groomed out, and is now open this morning. Lower mountain is looking good as well. Chance of snow is in the forecast later this evening through Saturday with our eye on the big storm arriving on Thursday so our trail count will be bouncing right back and growing just in time for the weekend!

Burke Mountain 26-12-2016 a les 19:18:35

Tamarack Pub & Grill will be opening TOMORROW, Tuesday 12/27 serving up delicious small plates, sandwiches, soups & salads and entrees starting at 11am. Check out the menu and be sure to LIKE the new Tamarack Pub & Grill facebook page for specials and updates.

Burke Mountain 26-12-2016 a les 14:47:59

Christmas spirit was in the air yesterday with one of the most beautiful alpen glows we've seen in a while leading to the picture-perfect sunrise this morning. Today temps creep warmer with a chance of snow, otherwise mostly cloudy with some wet stuff moving in. Surface conditions will soften up nicely as the marker continues to get warmer into the evening. Have you checked the extended forecast? Possible foot of snow on Thursday?! Yessssss, this is what we've been waiting for. We look forward to seeing you at Burke this week! Photos: John Worth

Burke Mountain 25-12-2016 a les 17:18:23

From our Family to yours, we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Burke Mountain 25-12-2016 a les 13:22:55

Burke Mountain Christmas Video: https://t.co/mvoeS42bxY via @YouTube

Burke Mountain 07-11-2016 a les 22:58:42

Burke Mountain - Snow making, Day 1: https://t.co/VSSqfKAbA8 via @YouTube

Burke Mountain 31-08-2016 a les 23:34:41

The Lodge at Burke Mountain: https://t.co/crBlIemOKX via @YouTube

Burke Mountain 19-08-2016 a les 19:56:37

Burke Mountain Bike N' Brew 2016: https://t.co/UkEyVV1INE via @YouTube

Burke Mountain 25-03-2016 a les 19:42:01

Finished pondskim: https://t.co/1KtjlcyI7G via @YouTube

Burke Mountain 16-01-2016 a les 14:17:10

Snow is falling! 3 new groomers added to the open trail count. Get full report at https://t.co/3hEdKToW29 https://t.co/3hEdKToW29

Burke Mountain 14-01-2016 a les 13:58:25

Morning Glory. Expect the groomers to be glorious today. Get the full report at https://t.co/3hEdKToW29 https://t.co/3hEdKToW29

Burke Mountain 12-01-2016 a les 14:17:18

32 guns in operation with natural snow on the way. Get today's full report at https://t.co/3hEdKToW29 https://t.co/3hEdKToW29

Burke Mountain 09-01-2016 a les 16:10:04

Cruising on the groomers today. High of 30 with over 84 skiable acres to ski and ride. https://t.co/aLpicuykcg https://t.co/aLpicuykcg

Burke Mountain 08-01-2016 a les 15:06:55

East Bowl & Lower Doug's Drop added to the open trail count today. Visit https://t.co/3hEdKToW29 for full scoop. https://t.co/3hEdKToW29

Burke Mountain 07-01-2016 a les 23:33:20

Piles piling up! Trail count quadrupled in 7 days with 70 skiable acres. https://t.co/aLpicuykcg for daily updates. https://t.co/aLpicuykcg

Burke Mountain 19-12-2015 a les 15:34:59

Burke Mountain 18-12-2015 a les 19:10:38

Deals galore this weekend in Trailside retail shop. Goggles on sale at 20% off today,10-3pm. https://t.co/xvxX60KdtV

Burke Mountain 16-12-2015 a les 22:55:35

And we are back online with snow making this afternoon with a nice cold window heading into the evening. https://t.co/kxlBoQ9yIJ

Burke Mountain 13-12-2015 a les 20:07:40

#hanginginthere #patientlywaitingforwinter https://t.co/hjNpXHwOIu