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Brandywine Fa 1 hora

We may be posting a beautiful picture tomorrow. Of what? You'll have to see.

Brandywine Fa 8 hores

@snippytyno You may have a beautiful picture to admire Thursday morning.

Brandywine Fa 22 hores

New feature reveal #2 is LIVE on Instagram!

Brandywine Fa 23 hores

@CLE_Snowboard @The_Guy_147 We are right around the corner, and hopefully good news will be released by the end of the week

Brandywine Ahir a les 23:36:24

@JMS3160 Wow those are breathe-taking!

Brandywine Ahir a les 23:24:28

@The_Guy_147 Oh cool! We had a MASSIVE flood this summer and are renovating the damage. We aren't quite done but when we are I will share!

Brandywine Ahir a les 22:22:34

NEW FEATURE REVEAL #1 IS UP ON OUR INSTAGRAM! (Yes this means we have multiple new features

Brandywine Ahir a les 21:19:52

Does anyone's family send out Christmas Cards? If so, would you like to send us one to be featured on our newly renovated Mills Lodge?

Brandywine 05-12-2016 a les 20:43:31

@The_Guy_147 I'm assuming you take a lot of pictures here

Brandywine 05-12-2016 a les 20:42:57


Brandywine 05-12-2016 a les 20:41:50

Beautiful. Check out our cover photo next week you might like it

Brandywine 05-12-2016 a les 20:39:12

Thank you everyone for your submissions! We will be changing the cover photo weekly so you may be featured next week. @ThatEquinePilot won

Brandywine 05-12-2016 a les 15:19:53

Does anyone have an awesome picture they would like to share with us to be featured as our cover photo?

Brandywine 04-12-2016 a les 15:15:44

@MyFriendEleni Within a month.

Brandywine 03-12-2016 a les 20:08:53

@_SkinnyNick We are fully prepared and plan to begin soon

Brandywine 29-11-2016 a les 06:13:14

Brandywine 28-11-2016 a les 21:14:46

It's Cyber Monday! Don't miss out on FREE money when you purchase a snow card online ( by Midnight. $40=$50 $80=$100 $100=$125

Brandywine 26-11-2016 a les 17:08:14

Looking to save on a season or pick-a-day pass? Stop by our Summit Mall Pop Up Shop or online ( now (November 26) through Cyber Monday (November 28) to purchase a gift card to use on a pass. If you purchase the $100 card you will get a $125 value, instantly saving you $25 on your pass. *Only one gift card may be used per pass purchase

Brandywine 22-11-2016 a les 18:50:17

From Black Friday, November 25th until Cyber Monday, November 28th, we are offering special Gift Card Pricing on our Online Shopping Cart and at our brand new Summit Mall location. Its a great gift and a good way to save money at the bar, cafeteria, on snow passes, polar blast snow tubing, and the learning center. The Gift Card is also valid at our sister Peak Resorts including resorts like Alpine Valley and Mad River Mountain

Brandywine 20-11-2016 a les 19:57:34

We are the select few who embrace the snow. BRING IT ON WE ARE READY!

Brandywine 19-11-2016 a les 17:31:13

We are getting into the holiday spirit at our Summit Mall Pop Up Shop! . . . Visit us now through January 15 to buy your Season Passes, Pick-A-Day Passes, Polar Blast Snow Tubing Passes, $25/$50/$100 Snow Cards, and exclusive BMBW gear new for this season!!!

Brandywine 16-11-2016 a les 01:09:34

Snow Gun testing, SUCCESSFUL!

Brandywine 15-11-2016 a les 15:49:11

Are you Team Snowboard or Team Ski? Tell us below

Brandywine 08-11-2016 a les 22:01:46

Brandywine 03-11-2016 a les 21:38:27

Who wishes they had magical powers to turn this rain into snow?