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Нямаме търпение да се похвалим, че от днес e с ново лице! Следете актуалната информация за всичко свързано с Боровец на новия ни сайт! We are so excited that today we've launched our brand new website! Follow for the latest updates and everything Borovets!

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Премиерата на новото видео на Бороборд - "Там Където Изгряват Звездите" предстои да бъде излъчена в любимия ни курорт Боровец!

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One day left!

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Промо цени на лифт картите за началото на новия ски сезон! За периода 8-ми до 16-ти декември включително лифт картите ще бъдат на промо цена с 20 до 30% намаление в зависимост от вида карта! Вижте цените тук: В деня на големия празник по повод 120 години Боровец и новия сезон - 17ти декември, дневните лифт карти ще бъдат на символичната цена от 5лв, а нощното каране е безплатно! Снежното начало наближава! From 8th till 16th December all lift passes can be purchased at a promo price with 20 to 30% discount, depending on the lift pass type! See price list here: On the day of the big celebration for the 120th anniversary of the resort and the new season - 17th December, the lift passes are just 5BGN, while night skiing is free! Less than 2 days to go!

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Възможността да излезете с професионален водач в алпийската зона на планината наближава с откриването на сезона. Белият и недокоснат лист, опаковал ландшафта на високата планина, очаква нашето въображение. Да начертаеш собствена линия там, в тишината и снега, е едновременно свобода и творчество. Подпис на свободния човек върху свободната планина. Повече информация очаквайте съвсем скоро на сайта ни и в Borovets Adventure Center. _____________________________________ The new season will give you the opportunity to cut loose and have a guided adventure in the wild. The white and virgin sheet of snow that wrapped the landscapes of the high mountain is awaiting our imagination. To dare and draw a line up there in the silence of the snow is what we call freedom. It’s the free man’s signature over the beautiful and remote desolation that shelters our minds and imagination. Stay tuned for upcoming information in our website and Borovets Adventure Center.

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RT @WotWudUDo: @borovetsski @skiborovets thanks for having us was an amazing experience #ski #jump #Bulgaria #borovets #fail…

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Mirror's Alun Palmer amazed by Borovets value: Swinging my hips to instructor Ivan’s music booming from a port...

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Mirror's Alun Palmer amazed by Borovets value: Swinging my hips to instructor Ivan’s music…

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Record Numbers in Bulgaria's European Ski Cup: A record number of 17 countries have confirmed…

Borovets 05-11-2013 a les 05:14:02

New Ski Resort Planned for Bulgaria's Rila Mountain: The Rila Destination project has…

Borovets 11-11-2012 a les 13:52:14 names Borovets as its 2013 top ski resort: Online ski website has…

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RT @J2SkiChat: #Ski #News - Re:2 Horse Powered Ski Lift for Megeve - #Megeve #Borovets -

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European Mountain Running Championships coming to Borovets in 2013: The European Athletics…

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New Snow Park opens with a bang: The most modern freestyle park in Bulgaria, Snow Park…

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The Best of the Best of Borovets from Directline Holidays Blog

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Borovets: top destination for 2012: The UK and Ireland’s leading online travel…

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Bulgaria's tax system luring new businesses: Bulgaria is among the top ten countries in the…

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A winter in Borovets: some pictures: The winter is really beautiful in and around Borovets…

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Forestry Act amendments to pave way for Ski Resorts upgrades: The amendments to the Forestry…

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Weather conditions in Borovets are amazing. Great snow. And sun forecast for the whole week.