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Bittersweet Ski Area 06-12-2016 a les 02:54:13

It looks like snowmaking temperatures this week! We're hoping to have some trails open this weekend...

Bittersweet Ski Area 28-11-2016 a les 21:20:24

Saturday, Dec 3rd the ski shop will be open 10:00 - 3:00. We will be running a wax n sharpen special for $14.00. Normally $20.

Bittersweet Ski Area 28-11-2016 a les 21:19:11

Ski shop hours this week are Mon, Tues, and Fri from 12:00 - 5:00.

Bittersweet Ski Area 28-11-2016 a les 21:07:06

Ski shop hours this week are Mon, Tues, and Fri from 12:00 - 5:00. We will also be opening this Saturday, Dec 3rd from 10:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m. On Saturday we will be running a wax and sharpen special for $14.00!! Come out and get your equipment ready before the hill opens!! Also a $10 hat box and large selection of helmets will be 1/2 off.

Bittersweet Ski Area 18-11-2016 a les 20:29:30

It's 70 degrees today but we know the temperatures will change soon so we're testing snow guns!

Bittersweet Ski Area 17-11-2016 a les 19:21:10

Starting next week the Ski Shop will be opening on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from noon - 5:00! Come in and check out all the new apparel, accessories, and our selection of ski's and snowboards. ⛷

Bittersweet Ski Area 26-10-2016 a les 22:24:38

Remember the job fair today! We need employees for all departments so stop in between 5 and 7 pm to fill out an application. For anyone 18 years of age or older interested in lift operations or snowmaking, plan to be here at 5.

Bittersweet Ski Area 20-10-2016 a les 02:47:10

Looking for Retail sales and Ski/Snowboard tech in the Ski Shop as well!!

Bittersweet Ski Area 19-10-2016 a les 19:41:46

Job Fair Wednesday October 26 5-7pm. Taking applications for all departments!

Bittersweet Ski Area 19-10-2016 a les 15:41:52

If you're looking for winter employment, Bittersweet is looking for you! We'll be holding a job fair on Wednesday October 26th from 5 until 7pm. Come in and fill out an application! If you're interested in chairlift operator or snowmaking positions, be here at 5pm.

Bittersweet Ski Area 28-09-2016 a les 18:35:25

This is the last week for the best prices on season passes! Download an application from and mail it in or fax it to us. You can also give us a call and we can take payment over the phone!!

Bittersweet Ski Area 10-03-2016 a les 19:32:50

We have closed for the season. It was a challenging winter and we thank you all for your support!!

Bittersweet Ski Area 20-02-2016 a les 19:18:42

Sunshine!! Don't forget if you're 21 and over the Alaskan Brewing Company snowboard giveaway is today at 5pm!!

Bittersweet Ski Area 02-01-2016 a les 06:44:40

@_EvanDean @WOODTV Thanks for coming out!

Bittersweet Ski Area 02-01-2016 a les 06:42:33

RT @_EvanDean: It's a busy night at Bittersweet Ski Resort in Otsego!

Bittersweet Ski Area 12-11-2015 a les 18:36:11

Ski/Snowboard shop: SUNDAY 11/15/15 Noon-5pm $12 wax & sharpen special. Also great deals on select items from previous seasons!!

Bittersweet Ski Area 10-01-2015 a les 20:38:38

Bluebird day & powder. You should be here!!

Bittersweet Ski Area 17-11-2014 a les 02:58:28

Great opening day!! Back to making snow and reopening Wednesday or Thursday!!

Bittersweet Ski Area 14-11-2014 a les 15:01:06

Making snow so look for updates on opening!! #winterishere

Bittersweet Ski Area 15-12-2013 a les 16:01:56

We're loving all this snow! Will we see you today? #bittersweet

Bittersweet Ski Area 08-12-2013 a les 19:09:32

Let it snow!! Dress warm and hit the slopes today...

Bittersweet Ski Area 04-12-2013 a les 17:10:23

Bring on the cold and snow!!

Bittersweet Ski Area 20-11-2013 a les 03:55:39

#voicesave austin

Bittersweet Ski Area 14-11-2013 a les 14:04:58

Open today 3-10 pm. Come on out! Join the smiling faces!!

Bittersweet Ski Area 14-11-2013 a les 13:43:25

@terrideboer, @daybrett, @emilylinnert Bittersweet is open! come out & we'll get you on the snow!