Bald Mountain


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Bald Mountain 01-07-2015 a les 00:07:57

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Bald Mountain 06-07-2014 a les 19:46:25

Exciting things happening at Bald Mountain this month. Check these out!

Bald Mountain 19-06-2014 a les 21:23:42

Join us Saturday @ 10 @ the Scripps Flying Field to learn how to RC fly. They even provide computer simulation before you take the controls.

Bald Mountain 08-06-2014 a les 13:19:57

The poker run is a go for today, despite a few showers this morning. It'll be a gorgeous afternoon for a ride!

Bald Mountain 06-06-2014 a les 22:55:21

Time to Ride! State Park Motorcycle Run on Sunday! The Day Use Area is one of 10 stops dealing cards.

Bald Mountain 05-06-2014 a les 20:52:07

June events at the park, including a Rec 101: Intro to Fishing this Saturday at 10.

Bald Mountain 03-06-2014 a les 19:58:27

Learn to fish! 10 am at Lower Trout Lake on Saturday. Free Fishing Weekend so no license is required!

Bald Mountain 31-03-2014 a les 17:07:02

Bald Mountain State Recreation Area now hiring short term summer workers. Apply now online or in person at the HQ.

Bald Mountain 18-02-2014 a les 18:31:26

60+ people came out for Rec 101: Ice Fishing on Sunday. We had a great time and even caught some fish! Good job!

Bald Mountain 14-02-2014 a les 19:12:03

Come out Sunday for Rec 101: Intro to Ice Fishing. All gear, guides & good times provided. It's Free Fishing Weekend!

Bald Mountain 11-02-2014 a les 15:26:43

How you doing on your New Year's resolution? For help on sticking with it go to:

Bald Mountain 10-02-2014 a les 18:33:55

Sunday is our Rec 101: Intro to Ice Fishing for Free Fishing Weekend. Gear, guides & good times all provided FREE!

Bald Mountain 05-02-2014 a les 15:59:16

This Saturday is a Volunteer Stewardship Day at the park. To get details about time, what to bring, etc. go to:

Bald Mountain 04-02-2014 a les 21:33:01

It's almost Free Fishing Weekend! No license required for two days, February 15th & 16th. More details ...

Bald Mountain 02-02-2014 a les 02:36:54

Looking for a job this summer? Here's how to work at a state park or harbor:

Bald Mountain 28-01-2014 a les 17:59:39

Lake Orion Schools closed today! Come to the park. We're open 365 days a year! Snowshoe ... gun range ... ice fish ... @LkOrionSchools