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Badger Mountain 09-12-2016 a les 01:38:02

Stocking stuffer? We also have awesome logo wear gifts for your skier or snowboarder at our store. The link is in our ABOUT tab.

Badger Mountain 08-12-2016 a les 23:41:55

Like, share and spread the word!

Badger Mountain 14-09-2016 a les 00:17:24

We are putting together a work day at the ski hill, this Friday the 16th. The Central Washington Grain Growers crew will be showing up after lunch about 1ish with weed wackers, mower, etc... The goal for the afternoon is to get the face of the hills cleaned up. We also have lots of wood that needs to be split and stacked. If you are able, please come up and lend a hand. It would be nice to knock this out Friday. The more help the better!

Badger Mountain 04-03-2016 a les 05:42:03

Spread the word! Saturday will be the last day of the season!! 11-4pm

Badger Mountain 28-02-2016 a les 18:44:46

The Hill is closed today. Going to open next Saturday and Sunday, weather and conditions permitting, for one last weekend. Will confirm Thursday or Friday prior.

Badger Mountain 26-02-2016 a les 22:14:01

Looking like tomorrow just might be our last day of the season! Come on up and get a burger and enjoy the sunshine and snow!

Badger Mountain 20-02-2016 a les 15:42:42

Open today and tomorrow! 11-4pm

Badger Mountain 12-02-2016 a les 04:11:01

Tomorrow....Friday Night Skiing! 4-8pm Thank you Pape Machinery for donating the lighting for this event!

Badger Mountain 05-02-2016 a les 19:57:23

Open this weekend! Saturday and Sunday 11-4pm

Badger Mountain 31-01-2016 a les 20:31:11

Sun is shining, fires going and the grill is hot! Come on up!!