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Join us and our pals from the U.S. Forest Service - White River National Forest tomorrow from 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. in the base area to continue our 70th Anniversary celebration! We'll have birthday cake, a photobooth, opportunities for Ski with a Ranger mountain tours and even a Junior Ranger swearing in for the little ones. I also heard a rumor that a certain bear may be skiing around, too... See you on Saturday! #ABasin70

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Ralston-Purina purchased the ski area from former patroller Joe Jankovski in 1978. The company, best known these days for its dog food, made millions of dollars in upgrades to the ski area in that first season, the most notable of which is the Pali lift! Pali was first constructed in 1978. The fixed-grip double has 132 chairs, a vertical rise of just over 1300' topping out at an elevation of 12,125', and a ride time just under 7 minutes. #ABasin70

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@Matt_Kroschel Come play soon!! :-)

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7" new this morning and discounted lift tickets all weekend! It's gettin' gooooood out there!! #COwx #ABasin70

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It's looking gooooooood out there! We reported 7" new Friday morning, and it's still coming down. New snow means new terrain: Sundance and Chisholm Loop are open, and Lenawee Parks isn't far away. If you're coming up this weekend (through Sunday 12/11), don't forget that lift tickets are just $19 for kids (ages 6-14) and $46 for adults (ages 15-69) in celebration of our 70th Anniversary. Make no mistake - winter is HERE. Photo: Rachel Bock (12.8.16)

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In 1962, A-Basin built a brand-new day lodge in the base area, and in 1964, that lodge burned down. A-Basin purchased an A-frame structure from Stanley Aviation to use as a temporary day lodge; the Aurora-based aviation company had used the A-frame as part of a testing site for escape capsules for the B-58 bomber. A few decades and a few million dollars of improvements later, the A-Frame day lodge still stands at the ski area today. #ABasin70

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@RamblinRick1983 We just opened Sundance and Chisholm Loop today, and that was sooner than I expected! Snow dances, my friend...

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@RamblinRick1983 Generally, skier compaction means it's opening soon. Patrol has not given me a hard date on opening.

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@RamblinRick1983 Soon.

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In the 1953-54 season, A-Basin installed the first Poma lift in the United States. The Basin had four or five Poma lifts over its 70 years, running in several spots on the mountain. In fact, one Poma ran up the looker's right of the Exhibition run. After you got off that lift, you took another Poma lift up Radical to the top of Pallavicini. #ABasin70

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@smokey_bear wants YOU to be a Junior Ranger... and prevent forest fires. Come say hi on Saturday, 12/10! #ABasin70

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A Little Bit Of Skiing In Lenawee Parks

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A-Basin started in 1946 with just a tow rope. But, by the 1947-48 season, two single-chair ski lifts were installed. The first lift carried guests from the base area to mid-mountain (similar to today's Black Mountain Express). The second lift ran a similar line to today's Norway lift, from mid-mountain to the summit. #ABasin70

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RT @BraveSkiMom: Take a ski history rd trip +see what's new this season @ 70 y-o @Arapahoe_Basin & 50 y-o @skisunlight @SkiPowderhorn https…

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Willy Schaeffler was Arapahoe Basin's first Ski School Director. He was hired by Larry Jump back in 1947. Schaeffler even has a run named after him: the famed Willy's Wide, one of the hike-to lines on the East Wall. #ABasin70

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Celebrate w us December 9-11! And check our FB for historical facts all week. More details:

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Skinned to mid-mtn this morning - a couple of soft inches on top of the groom, buttery stuff out there right now!

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